Abingdon Marathon

Is anyone out there registered to run this on the 20th October who now does not want to run and could transfer (paid of course !) their number to me which is allowed under the Club rules.  I am 66th on the waiting list and I am not sure it will come up otherwise, so just exhausting all possibilities as I am really keen to run as it is very close to me.  Thanks all


  • Try the other Abingdon thread or pop over to Fetch as they normally have a number swap thread. Anyway it's probably a bit early for people to drop out just yet.

  • Sorry bit of I novice with this. How do I find the other thread and what is fetch ?  Many thanks for your help.    

  • Look up Abingdon Marathon on the events pages and then look at the list of threads at the bottom.

    Fetch = www.fetcheveryone.com search for Abingdon marathon and then follow the various thread links

    (there is also an advert for fetch on this site which will link you)

  • I was about 90th in the reserve list and got in last year. Think I found out about 6 weeks before the race!

    I think you'll be fine.

  • Thanks for all the advice.  Tried to get on the Fetch website but not sure if this is the same password as runners world or different ?  Sorry I really am useless with this stuff. 


  • Thanks Mikey - fingers crossed.

  • Sarah to get onto fetch you will have to register a seprate log in from RW.

  • ok thanks again 

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