Heart rate monitor

I am considering buying a basic HR monitor can someone tell me, do i get the chest strap thingy with it or does it have to be bought seperate?


  • Mr S,
    You do get the chest strap with all the Polar HR monitors but I am not sure about others.
  • Yes you do.
    Even the basic models come complete with strap.
    Best idea to buy a basic model as mine has many features, none of which I really use.
  • All makes come complete.
  • I bought a Polar HM as I had read many articles advising older runners to use them. I have tried many times to get the hang of it but never succeeded. I find the stopwatch very poor and can never work out all the things I am supposed to know....And Yes. I have tried and read all the articles on the web...but still can't get to grips with it !! I now intend to sell the HRM and just let my body indicate just what I should and should not do..
  • Thanks very much for the help, i was planning to get the basic for the same reasons ie cheap, easy to operate and understand.
    thanks again
  • The entry level Polar gives you; HR,Average HR and elapsed time.
    It is pretty simple to use but you will need to to note down your readings as there is no memory facility.
  • Oldtimer - which version is it and how much are you asking for it? I've lost the chest strap to my very basic model and was thinking of upgrading.
  • Not sure if I should answer this as I would hate to be reprimanded for trying to sell something.But I can tell you it is the Polar M52 and would like £70 for it.
  • They can't reprimand you, you didn't try to sell it, you just said you intended to then responded to my query. Anyhow, let's take this private. I'll mail you.
  • I have been told you can order the straps separately from Polar.
  • For what it's worth, I find it really difficult to do any form of srcutured running without my HRM, be it, training or racing. I have no concept of pace ! The HRM serves to give you a good indication of how hard your working and sometimes tells you when you're a little be run down and should actualy be tucked up in bed rather than trying to 'run it off'. For those who can't get the hang of it, I'd say persevere and you'll soon see the benefits.
  • I agree with Multi. I used to run without one then after a nasty injury and a long lay off I bought one as a way of controlling my training and its worked. It did take quite a time to get used to it and no I don't use all the functions but I now find it hard to train or race without it. Its a valuable aid. Some people are very in tune with their bodies and train without one but for me i'd never be without one now.
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