Ironman Wales 2014 - is it possible ?

I am considering the possibility of training for Ironman Wales in 2014 but don'know I if it is possible to go from my present level of fitness to Ironman in a little over a year.

i am down to a reasonable weight now after losing 4 stone since Xmas so now at 15 stone not far off my target weight and I am relatively active. I run 5k daily with the dog now and although still struggle towards the end it's e getting much easier.  I cycle to work most days (15 mile round trip) and I walk a lot in work so although my fitness is not great it's also not too bad.

my swimming needs a lot of work!

i can train either before or after work 4 or 5 days a week so I don't see time as the main issue but I would need a focus to my training and not sure where I would go for this.

firstly do you guys think the timescale is realistic or should I look at 2015 ?

seconly can anyone suggest any training plans? Are their any good books out there that could help me or any other suggestions for a plan?

thanks in advance.



  • Oh god yes that is well over enough time

  • Flat FootedFlat Footed ✭✭✭


    Try the Don FINK book for plans or pop over to the Fink thread on here and see how others are finding it.

  • Thanks for the replies. Which Don Fink bok is best as there seems to be several?

  • Loads of time! I'm doing my first ironman in autumn 2014 (debating Ironman Wales). I'm in the lucky position that I can swim the distance already, cycling and running are only currently aimed at olympic distance. I have total faith that I can get to Ironman fitness by then! 

    I hate to admit it but I've got an online coach. Not because I'm loaded or got any ideas of being fantastic! It's simply so that I know every session I do counts and works for me. When I was marathon training I felt tired all the time and I was irritatingly slow and made little progress. I found it really disheartening getting injured and wondering what I was doing wrong. Having a coach isn't too expensive, and I find a huge motivator! 

  • fink = iron fit, 

    16 months is ages, 12 months is long enough, 8 months is doable


  • I did it in 9 months, including learning to swim ! 

  • I hope so, otherwise we're all buggered. 


    Seriously, should be fine. Just don't get too focused too soon, otherwise boredom will kick in. Just spend the next 6 months focusimg on swimming, general fitness and bike dkills

  • Ordered Don Fink's book (Amazon Prime is great for impatient people like me) and already feeling more positive from your comments! image

    heading to the pool in the morning to see how far I can swim without drowning and will be a good test of how much work I need to put in on that discipline.


  • i am planning on 8 months to get fit for a HIM and about 16 months for a IM.

    Isnt IM Wales tough for a first up?

  • Wales is hard but is doable and yes its doable as a first IM, we have people that did that.

    The one thing I would warn about is make sure you have complete buy in from your partner if you have one. As Wales is at the end of the summer you will be training like a demon next summer and when your partner wants to spend a lazy Sunday together but you out on a 80 miler it puts a strain on any relationship, as many on here can tell you

    16 months is ages, there is thread knocking about with regards to how bad we where 1 year before our first ironman

  • Budjude wrote (see)

    i am planning on 8 months to get fit for a HIM and about 16 months for a IM.

    Isnt IM Wales tough for a first up?

    Many have gone straight to IM in 8 months, although it does depend on where you're starting from.  Wales is a tricky one if you're starting from scratch as a cyclist - if you end up walking up the hills then missing the bike cut off can become a real problem.  Echo what SA says, you'll be spending lots of time riding the hills over the summer.

  • to be honest i am fairly happy with my timeline - at the moment i am doing reasonable miles a week but have the habit of getting up early and so dont miss out on much family time.

    that way i stay on the right side of my wife.

    My HIM is in august this year and then after that i will book a IM for as early as possible for 2014.

    sounds great in theory! furthest i have swum is 1.2 miles, biked 55 miles and run 17 miles (not on the same day, week or even probably month)

  • Cycle up every hill you can find. Twice image

    it's doable but don't underestimate the course. If you can do the Long Course Weekend before hand then do. It will give you an idea of what to expect.

    It's a beautiful course!

  • I'm considering doing Ironman Wales 2014 too and was wondering whether it was a bit ambitious given my current fitness level. Judging from the replies here, and having done HIM distances (1.2/70/13.1) in the Long Course Weekend a few weeks ago, I'm going to have to find a different excuse now. image 

  • stitch.if you managed the half distnace at the long course weekend especially in that heat.then you have no excuses not to be able to do the full next year.......image get ready to enter later on in the year.image

  • Thanks... I think image. It was a little on the warm side image. Half marathon time was a bit poor but I was expecting that. Total time was under 7 hours which was better than I thought before the weekend started.

  • and that was with a 70 mile bike........image

  • Conversion to Ironman, double it and add two hours image

    Best get yourself entered image

  • Barely .not as straight forward as he didn a long course weekend not a half IM image

  • Ah yes.  

    Also not that relevant as the conversion is for an anticipated Ironman time a month or so after a half (and assumes has trained for the Ironman distance)

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