Had enough! Endomondo is no longer my freind

Just went out on a nightly plod, nothing too far. Set the Endomondo Pro on my Blackberry Torch which is getting a bit hit and miss.

And yes, it missed. Didn't get out of bed and basically just froze so no record of distance or time.

So time to get a wrist mounted dedicated option. Just want something basic. GPS, time, distance and pace. Not bothered about heart rate, training partner would be nice but all I get at the moment (sometimes) is that from Endomondo.

Any recommendations? About £90 ish or cheaper.


  • I have just bought the Garmin Forerunner 10 which can be had for about £90. Excellent piece of kit and highly recommended. 

  • Forerunner 10 is a thing of simple beauty.

  • I am in a similar position to the OP  it its Nike+ that I've had enough of. I've recently joined a running club and its no longer an option to be taking an iPhone on training runs (it's not exactly sociable) 

    i'm a bit baffled by all the running watches. And want something to time myself, pace myself and I have heard the virtual partner option is good but I'm not sure what it will actually do. 

    Adam and Sussex, what is so good about the Garmin Forerunner 10 and does it do all the things we are asking for? 

  • I went for the Garmin as it was cheap and does exactly what it says on the tin. Distance, time, pace, calories and then the ability to analyse data further when the run is synced to the Garmin website.

    It doesnt have a virtual partner as such, but you can set a pace you want to run at and it will let you know how you are running compared to this; either ahead, on or behind pace.

    Unless you want heart rate monitor compatibilty I honestly cant see the benefit of spending more money. And this is from a 'Nike' guy through and through as I was going to buy their GPS watch but saved money on this.

  • The main reason I have for wanting a watch is to help me with pacing so it sounds like the forerunner 10 will do for me. There may come a time where I think I need a heart rate monitor but for now I'm just content to know that it's beating. Thanks BigAds

  • Have a look on the Garmin site. There are a few videos which show the features. I found these useful when I was looking. 

  • Tim DTim D ✭✭

    There are lots of (very detailed) reviews of all the Garmins on http://dcrainmaker.com .

  • In this months magazine (page 52?) in the awards section best GPS goes to the Forerunner 10. So I have bought one. 

    Unfortunately there is a problem with my subscription number on the Runners World shop so bought through Amazon for 4 quid dearer. Inc p&p.

    But thanks for all replies

  • I don't know if this helps anyone, but Tesco direct currently having the Forerunner 10 on sale at £89 but there is a £10 off voucher valid until 27th May (code = TDX-TFNG) which makes it £79. I've just taken the plunge and gone for the pink one as I'm getting fed up of using runkeeper on my phone, particularly at parkrun and in races when I don't want to wear headphones but want to know my pace. 

  • Bought a forerunner 10 off eBay today for £67 new as well allegedly 

  • Try Bryton Cardio 40. Works great for me! So much lighter than some other GPS watches. Of course beats carrying phones!


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