iPod 7th Gen / nike+ and Polar Wearlink


i'm using the Nike+ app on the IPod Nano, but also have a Polar RS400. I would like to sync the IPod with the Polar wearlink heart rate sensor as well as being able to monitor my heart rate on the RS400.

However, it fails to sync, has anyone managed to get a non - nike+ heart rate sensor to work with the nano 7th gen?

Don't fancy having to fork out for another wearlink and if I do go down that road will the Polar wearlink / nike+ one work with both the IPod and RS400?



  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Nike+/iPod won't talk to the HRM strap supplied with the Polar, so this won't work.

    The iPod Nano doesn't support Bluetooth, and I don't think the ANT+ Dongle would work, so these options aren't available to you.

    The two options I can see are:

    Buy the Polar Wearlink+ HR Strap that includes Nike+ connectivity (see link below).  


    The other option is to get the Polar footpod to replace the Nike+ one, and use some other software to track your runs.


    Personally, I liked the Nike+ app when I first started and was reluctant to get a Garmin Forerunner, but after realising how inaccurate the Nike+ sensor was (0.7miles in a 10k race) I decided to change.  I only wish I'd done it sooner!

  • Thanks for the info.

    Looks like it will have to be the Polar wearlink for nike+ as it appears to be dual band and will work with the Nano and RS400.

    I don't have a nike+ footpad (as not needed with the 7th gen ~Nano) but do have the Polar S1 so just the cost of another belt!

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Just had a look at the latest Nano (which I'm assuming is the 7th Gen) and realised they've packed a lot more into it, and as you say you don't need a separate footpod. My bad for assuming they hadn't changed much from the previous version that I own!

    As you already have the S1 footpod, why not try attaching it to your shoes and connecting it to the Polar watch?  Then after a run you can compare the distances/speeds recorded by Nike + against the Polar.  I''d be surprised if the Polar isn't a lot more accurate as the Nike+ wasn't the best technology when it used a footpod, but the integration into the iPod is going to maker it worse (in my opinion).

    Whilst I liked the way that Nike+ would talk to me through my headphones, I found I quickly adapted to checking my watch for the details.  

  • The S1 is attached as I used to use just the Polar RS400, coded T31 and S1 and log onto Polar Personal Trainer. However, after getting the Nano I thought I would give Nike+ a go, only to find it can't connect to the T31!

    I have monitored the distance and speed that Nike+ is stating and compared that to the RS400 and treadmill and it certainly indicates a longer distance and higher speed - must try calibrating it one day.

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