Perkins Great Eastern Run Half Marathon & Fun Run

This is my local half marathon and was my first back in 2009. As I'm keen to help promote this as a local event, I'm interested to know how other people feel about it.

I've entered other races and it always feel well organised and although not very scenic for the most part, gets lots of support from local people, so you're not running a loop in open countryside feeling a bit lonely.

The support the first time really did help get me round, plus it's flat and fast so good for a PB for anyone.

It's growing, but the race never fills up fast so either it's an undiscovered gem, or people don't make it their first choice.

This year I've agreed to do blog for the organisers in an effort to persuade people to start running. There's a 5K Fun Run too which is chip timed, so great for those just starting out.

I'm quite enthusiatic about it, but probably biased so I'd be interested to know what people think about it image


  • I'm doing it for the first time this year so can't really comment at the moment Jenny.

    I chose it because it's flat image

  • I ran it last year as its local to me. Nothing wrong with it at all, good value for money well organised, flat as a pancake. Every race has its merits and we run them all for different reasons, this ones not scenic at all and there are some parts where there are no supporters. Depends whats important to you I guess, I will do it again this year cos I want to beat my PB.



    i'm doing it for the second time the first time was in 2010 missed the last two year's because of injuryI

  • Only bit of 'scenery' is Cathedral Square I suppose. I've never found the gaps in supporters very big and better than running in the middle of nowhere if you want some outside support.

    It's my fifth year this year, got my PB the first year, so I have to keep trying to beat it!!!

    Still interested in feedback from anyone else who has run it.

    Good luck Screamapillar image

  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭

    Hi Jenny M, GER 2009 was also my first HM and would say that it's well organised and supported by the local folks. I am planning on returning this year to try and beat my PB - as you say, it's a flat fast course. It's also reasonably priced, but the real bonus for me is that it's less than an hour's drive away. (We're starved of local races in West Norfolk!)

    The only negative I have found is that the website doesn't appear to have a way to list all entrants in one search. I like to wait to the last minute before signing up, so have to do multiple searches into a spreadsheet and delete duplicate rows to work out if it's anywhere near the 7,000 runner limit!

    So good luck with promoting the event - just don't let it sell out before I've enteredimage

  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭

    I did this last year and am entered again this year. Positives are it's fast and flat, and comes with a token for free parking in a choice of car parks in the city. Well supported, lots of drink stations with bottles not cups, always a plus.  And closed roads.  I also like the RunPix stats you get with the results.

    Negatives - t-shirt far too big (even the small is a tent and goes down to my knees), and a slight niggle about the organisation in that I never received an email confirming my entry last year or this (but I've checked my name is on the list so that's OK). And I remember emailing them with a query last year and never had a reply. 

  • Kinda my local one as I grew up in and now work in Peterborough but live elsewhere. Really excited about running round where I grew up in a big race. My first time running a race here since the Thomas Cook fun run in 1995 when peado Savile started it. I was only 11!

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    I think I'll be back for this one.  Did it in 2007, was due to do it last year but fell ill. Oh yeah - I missed out on (possibly contributing towards) a team prize, my club mates went up there and had a collective belter!  So we've got a title to defend.

    Yeah, count me in!  image

  • I work with the organisers in a voluntary capacity but will pass on comments.


    Gul Darr, you should be fine, so far it's never reached the limit although it would be great if it did. My hubby didn't enter yet either.


    Feemers, I will pass on the t-shirt info although may be too late to change anything for 2013. I received my email on entry, which is an automated system run by Active Networks, could be the spam filter got it?

    The organisers have a policy of replying to emails, even if they don't have an immediate  answer, so again not sure if any replies may have been blocked.

    Good to get feedback and knowing people are returning image

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