VLM 2014 - GFA closing dates?

Possibly a very stupid question but I can't see the info anywhere - I know that GFA qualification goes back to Sept 2012, but when does it end? Has it already ended?


If so, that would seem a little strange to me, since it leaves a rather small window of opportunity for qualification. 


I'm not bothered about how 'fair' people think the system is, just what the date is! Mainly because if I get my goal time in Edinburgh next week I'd be GFA if it's still open.


  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭

    It starts 1 January 2012 (not September). Normally it ends in July sometime but they haven't confirmed yet. The website says to check back at the end of May for more details.

    Bottom line is - if you get the time in Edinburgh you are safe image

  • Ooh, excellent! Thank you for this! (Not sure where I got September from)

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