Knee pain - Outside of left knee

During the tail end of a 10k run on Sunday I started to get a pain on the outside of my left knee but as it was near the end, I carried on. It got better during the week and so I went out again last night. After a while I was getting a dull ache but then around 6k I had to walk. About 500 meters later I managed to run for about 5 meters, walked again for about 10, run for about 50 meters and then just gave up. I was 3k from home so just stopped my watch and walked home in the rain image.

I can also feel it when straighting my leg and also when going up stairs. I did put a frozen packet of chips (all I had) on it last night.

I've been Googling it, but could probably self diagnose myself with several different things. Therefore are there any suggestions here? Would it be worth going to see a physio?

Also, I am going to make sure I rest it because I have a place in Berlin and I would much rather rest it now, than rsik it.


  • Pound to a penny it's what I am currently recovering from: a recurrent ITB problem. I've had 2 bouts now in 2 years. Been off 2 weeks now and it's driving me insane ( I've had to take to indoor rowing at the gym now and i hate rowing as it seems to suck the breath from my body like the mother of all succubi). RICE applies and my last recovery involved squats with dumbbells and this one is also including lateral leg raises to strengthen the glutes ( which this exercise has taught me are weak).Don't run until it's recovered and then start with small distances, carry on with the leg exercises once recovery complete.

  • does sound like ITB problem, i would recommend foam roller massage.

  • Thanks for the replies.

    Would it be worth seeing a physio and does anyone have any links for good sites showing exercises/massages?

  • I dont think i'm qualified to say no, dont visit a physio, but try the massage first.

    here's one at random

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