Just Saying Hi!

Just saying hi...


New runner after 10 years away due to ill health....that is under control now and have started getting out again...

Good base fitness due to cycling lots..

My wife is doing the couch to 5k program and has just done her first full 30 minute run and that gave me the idea to have a go....(not competitive at all!! image)

3 runs this month....decided just to get out and run rather than working up to it...picked a point that I would run to (and back) and worried about the distance afterwards.

7km at 6min/km

7km at 5:40/km

10km at 5:30/km (last night)....bit sore today but that will go in a couple of days.

currently using the Nike + app for pacing

I've actually suprised myself and my wife doesn't appear to be as motivated as I am by the competition......

Im enjoying it but I hope the pain after the runs stops!


  • You couldn't let her have a hobby to herself, could you?

    Only joking.  Long may your good health continue.

  • I just wanted to see if I could manage a few k's but I have decent fitness and did better than expected....I thought I woul dhave a bit of work to catch up with the missus and that would give her a boost....it back-fired.image

  • Don't over do it though - further and faster each time so far, doesn't have to be that way every time!

  • I like to compete with myself...that is how I improve.....I have a Garmin 705 for the road bike and used the Virtual partner a lot to try and improve my times....am going to try and use it for running....maybe I'll have to gety a fore-runner watch as the old 705 is a bike computer and is quite large for running.

  • Finally recovered from last week's 10k...off out tonight using the Nike+ app and the garmin 705 with connect and will see if the 2 match up in regards to distance, route, pacing etc..


    May try 10 k again and up the pace to 5:20/km from 5:30/km...I think it is do-able...we'll see how I do later as I will be doing it fasted too after 20 hours with only water/coffee....massive refeed later though.

  • Going out fasted wasn't the best idea but no major performance issues...just a bit of reflux because I decided to chew gum to keep my mouth moist..

    New best 5k...27:07

    New best 1 mile 7:55

    New best 1k...4:50

    broke 40 minutes for the 7k too 39:26


    Stopped at 7.2km as I was back at my flat


    Is there a place where I can do a training log?? perhaps this could be moved?


    Some minor pacing issues need to be overcome to get a better overall time

  • Hello I am brand new here too, well done on getting back to it and good luck to you and your wife! Your times are really good, it gives me hope that as long as you have some fitness it might be a bit like getting back on a bike, the technique is all still there!


  • I find the Nike + app is pretty good for motivation....it gives me pacing information every 0.25km so that I can speed up and slow as necessary...it also satisfies my needs for rewards by giving achievements......pretty sad but I like it!

  • I like the nike+ app too, it gave me a little cheer yesterday when I had improved my best 1k (albeit by 3s but still yay!)

  • 3 seconds is 3 seconds....any gain is good....should motivate you next time out too.

  • Starting to learn my limits now and push through the burning legs when running up hills.

    Did this on Friday 14th June..

    New best 5k...24:19 (just under 3 minutes off PB)

    New best 1 mile 6:32 (Slightly downhill)

    New best 1k...3:50 (nearly a minute off PB) was 6km into the run and was feeling good....may have been slightly downhill though!!

    New Best 10k...52:59 ( 3 minutes off)

    I'm pleased with the 5k/10k times as (for the first time ) I was actually enjoying the run and could have could have carried on if it wasn't for my Achillies on my right leg feeling tight like it was ready to snap....I can still feel it a couple of days later.

    I was on a different course than I usually use with more hills...tried to hold back the pace on downhill sections to try and recuperate..pacing was reasonably consistent and managed to get faster over the last 2k's which were relatively flat...plenty left in the tank!

    I've got a forerunner now too which helps keep a check on pace.. 

    Onwards for the sub 50 minute 10k!!!!

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