Run to the Beat 2013

Anyone got a place they would like to sell for run to the beat 2013...?


  • Article 25 are a small registered UK charity who design, build and manage projects to provide shelter in disaster areas, and to those living in poverty. We have worked on over 60 projects with partner NGOs in 22 countries. Our projects include:

    • A training centre for ex-child soldiers in Uganda
    • Earthquake resistant homes in Pakistan
    • A Model School in Haiti that is disaster-resistant and can be rolled out across the country
    • A low-cost school design in Burkina Faso, which can be replicated by local communities

    We are currently looking for fundraisers to take part in Run to the Beat to raise money for Article 25! The cost to sign up to the event is £30 and we ask that participants raise a minimum of £250 to make the event financially viable for ourselves. Once signed up you will recieve an Article 25 t-shirt and also a Nike Dri fit running shirt! This fantastic event is now full so the only way to sign up is through a charity, such as ourselves.

    Have a look on our website for more information and email with any other questions and to sign up!

  • Did you manage to get a place?

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