Long-standing races



  • Hog's Back race, now into 50+ years.....

  • Bampton to Tiverton first run in 1946, missed one year due to foot and mouth, takes place every Easter Monday.


  • we have done the bampton to tiverton several years and is a lovely well organised event.........i wonder how they manage to keep running it as the roads are so busy with caravans nowadays.they come so close to  you when running

  • Its not that bad really, I`ve used the road on a bike after a knee op and always been ok. We use lots of caution runners signs and have marshals  at all junctions.

    We`ve looked at trying to alter the route, the old road always as a hunt on Easter Monday.

    We may have to drop the race soon but not before we have an alternative race in place. 

  • Freckleton claims to be the oldest HM and it`s in 50th year next year!

  • The clubs near me say they have had races for 25 years. 


  • The Lyke Wake race will next year celebrate its 50th anniversary. Does this make it the longest running ultra in the country.

  • The Combe Gibbet to Overton 16 miles.......first ran as a race in 1974 with one cancellation due to foot & mouth.

    In 1973 a new school teacher arrived in Overton & after a few too many beers, a few local Sunday league footballers accepted his challenge to run the course.

    This caused the creation of the Overton Harriers who celebrate their 40th anniversary next year.

  • The Stevenage road Marathon, takes place every ten years. The first was in September 1984, which was my first marathon.

    In 1994, it got cancelled

    It did take place again in 2004, which I did take part in.

    I have not heard yet whether or not its going proceed next year or not. Certainly not one for the history books.

    The good thing is that the Stevenage Marathon is it takes place on cycle paths, as Stevenage is completely encapsulated with them. So a safe event.

    Don't get this mixed up with the annual Fairland Valley Challenge.

  • Victory 5 miler at portsmouth will be 67 years this September!

  • The Isle of Wight marathon has been going for many years.

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