Eyam Half-Marathon 2013

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he we go again the toughest race in Derbsyhire but worth it it has to be Eyam and then Buxton next week for me aswell

visited Eyam when at school and loved the place never though i would run the race there every year


  • Mental!  I've opted for the nice flat/downhill White Peak instead but enjoy the hills Compo 1......

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    i   did Leeds last week in 1h42   coming 780 out of  4517     i am training for my next 2 marathons   Chester  and Huddersfield next April

  • Good luck for tomorrow - no idea where I'll place as I've not run any hills remotely like this - sub 2h over the moon I think. Give us a wave if you see me - number "1"... (I signed up as soon as I got the email entries were open!).

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    I am number 82   either in dark blue t-shirt  or  yellow Leeds half     what ever you do  do not take of to fast with this one

  • Excellent race!  Not quite as bad as I thought it would be to be honest (I think the nice weather helped).  Managed it in 1:54 so pretty happy as I'd not really done any hill training.  Definitely be back next year now I know what to expect image

  • What a great race! First time doing it and I was really impressed with the organisation and atmosphere. It really helps when you've got great weather combined with the scenery.

    Not sure about a pink t-shirt with rats on it....image

  • Well done chaps!

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    got   1h54  today   my leg was aching a bit  but manged to keep running all the way   saw loads walking up that hill just after mile 9    what a good race  just as i finish  a dog ran on the course though the finishing line and got cheered   Eyam know how to put a race on   well done again and see you next year     went in that cafe next to start line    their scones very tasty

  • Must have been just behind you compo 1! - came in late 1:54's with a sprint finish image

    A definite for next year image



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    think i saw you before we started   well done on time   i was down by a long way from last year   but glad to have done it  again     Buxton next week   

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    just about recovered after yestaday   went swimming today then a short run   ready for Buxton this Sunday

  • Nice one - I've got severe calf DOMS and can't walk downstairs.. hopefully get out for a run Thurs/Fri.  Enjoy Buxton.

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    when i finished yestaday  my leg nearly gave way  went to cafe  for hot drink and scone   took me 10 mins to get back to car    but  i will be back next year

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    finished 197 out of 376

  • image  I came in 11 after you in 208th, I'll be back next year too after training for some hills!

  • 1st time for me. Magnificent run! The last mile is a right knee wobbler image Managed 1:48. will be back next year for a better coloured tee! Wife won't let me wear it image

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