Triathlon plan difficulty

Hey people,

I am trying to put together a training plan for my first triathlon! I currently cycle to and from work every day (12 mile round trip) and take my time doing so. However i'm unsure of how to compute a training plan with enough rest. I'm thinking 2 swim sessions a week and a run (as this is my best discipline). Any advice would be great guy's thanks!

Looking for a 4 week initial plan (that i'll us as an introduction to a sprint distance plan)


  • Hallam BlueHallam Blue ✭✭✭

    A 4 week plan isn't going to do much in terms of improving fitness - most plans are at least 12 weeks  and more often 16 weeks. If you are looking to get used to the discipline then do some brick sessions (bike then run).


  • Hi James,

    So you want something to get you started?

    Typically 2 swims to maintain, 3 to improve. Longer bike & long run at the weekend.

    Don't neglect the running in the meantime. It's where you'll pick up places on the day.

  • Hi guys that forth the replies!

    I have signed up for a sprint triathlon on 23rd of July which gives me 13 weeks. 700m swim/ 14mile bike/ 5k run. I'm think in addition to my daily cycle ill add in a brick session I.e. I run as soon as I get back home from my cycle, an additional run and 2 swim sessions. Thesis will cover week days with 1 evening rest. During the weekends ill do a long bike ride and a solid day's rest..... How's that sound?

    thanks for you help!!!

  • jelly beanjelly bean ✭✭✭

    James, 13 weeks puts us in August, July 23rd is a Tuesday, better check your dates.

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Hi James,

    I think you're right to plan not too much running if you're already pretty good. You'd make the best gains by really beasting yourself on the bike, and doing one or two runs off.

    It's also a good idea to give yourself a week or two to tweak the routine so that kit, food and fluid end up in the right place at the right time!

    Good luck. 

  • My race is on Sunday 21st July jelly bean. I'm comfortable running joddly brut think I will benefit from plenty pod brick sessions?

    my instant outlook on nutrition is to treat is as I would running, thinking a Jel and drink on the bike should suffice?

  • Would be 1:15 for me. Might have something to wash my mouth out on the bike.

    I would run 90-minutes in the evenings and never take a drink or a gel.

    Maybe a gel as a conmfort blanket if you want but not sure it will hit your energy system quick enough to make much difference.

  • 90 minutes? the race is only 5K, if i'm hitting 8m/m Id be running a half marathon in that time. Do I need to exceed the distance that excessively?

  • Don't race all of your runs - nice and steady for best benefit with maybe one speedy run a week. An hours run would probably do you - but 90 mins would be better. Not 13 miles in that time mind you.
  • Great, cheers! Bike arrives Wednesday! BUZZINNNGGG it's like christmas haha

  • No that was about nutrition. The race is that short I just wouldn't bother. I don't bother on a 90-minute run, why for a 75-minute race? A quick swig from a bottle would be about it. 

  • ahh sorry, i normally dont bother on a run until post 90 minute but just thought with the swim, id assumed you exert more energy than running.

  • Bottle in transition for a quick swig on the way though 

  • What you guys think about hiring a wetsuit? Its likely ill only get 1 open water tri in this season, initially im thinking hire one for a month, gives me time to get out in the open for a few practice swims? Anyone used any companies for doing so that are good?

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