Runner's World Trailblazer - Sherwood Forest 10K - 2013

Anyone had any personal experience of this race?

Its my first trail race and whilst I have done lots of 10k running, I havent done a trail.  Also, I have looked at the maps and the route seems quite undulating and my training has been mostly flat.  OK, to the fell runners this course will appear pretty flat but just wanted ot get others' views.

The race is tomorrow and the weather looks pants.


  • Did this a couple of yeasr ago. Not too challenging a couple of hills,but, I am sure you will be ok.

  • It was my first 10k event last year. It's not that challenging really. A couple of slight hills that's all. I'm entered again this year. It's a great event. image

  • Just got home from this race and I have nothing bad to say at all.  Great course, which for someone who runs on mostly flat roads, is challenging enough although it wouldnt be fun if it wasnt.

    Fantastic setup, loads of freebie samples, excellent goodie bag, free massage, lovely park, great atmosphere and a finishing time of about 48mins (still awaiting confirmation from the chip).

    I shall return.

  • Great time! Well done! Glad you enjoyed it. I was 3 mins slower than my PB at 51 mins, but I wasn't expecting much. My legs were still tired from last Sunday's half marathon at Sheffield! 

  • This was also my first race, and considering my training went to pot as I was laid up with a bad back for 2-3 weeks through April and the start of May, and I only started running in Februrary, my time of 68m is quite respectable.  I was aiming for between 65m & 70m image

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