Dealing with a strain during taper

Hi all,

Currently training for Edinborough next week, my first full marathon. I'm think I'm in reasonable shape for it (sub-1:30 half marathon three weeks ago) and have put in few good 20 milers. However, I recently did some hard hill runs before starting my taper and have found that I've got some residual strain in my calves and hamstrings. I can run on it over shorter distances, but I'm a bit worried about how things might pan out across 26.2.

So my question is, how much rest can I afford during the last week? Are there any good steps I can take to minimise the risk of problems during the race? Any advice welcome!




  • Rest during this last week - don't worry if you don't run at all. I had three weeks off before Greater Manchester Marathon last year due to a piriformis problem. Did no running at all except one 4-mile jog about three days before when the physio finally allowed it. I was fine on the day (well, except for the near-hypothermia due to the weather conditions).

    Also, massage your calves and hamstrings and quads - by hand, or with a massage "stick" (a rolling pin works well as a substitute) or with a foam roller if you have one/like them. Massage morning and evening every day from now to Edinburgh.  If you can afford it, go get a sports massage, sooner rather than later (you don't want one the last couple of days before the race).

    Good luck!

  • Thanks Debra. I hadn't heard of the rolling pin trick (still need to invest in a foam roller), that sounds quite neat in a pinch. Will give it a shot image

  • Thanks for the thoughts Debra - I hadn't heard of the rolling pin trick, that's quite neat. I'll give it a shot before investing in a roller image

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