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Well I successful complete my first novice Tri and really enjoyed it. I have discovered my swimming when under pressure is dreadful, my old mountain bike is not great, but my running was good. So I am now looking for another Tri to have a go at, but I am finding it very difficult to find a suitable one. Can anyone recommend anything , I am on the south coast. All three distances need to be shortish and I am very slow.


  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    Len2 - where on the South Coast are you??   if you're to the east side of say Portsmouth I can point you at quite a lot - I'm in Eastbourne so know most of the south coast events in Hants, Sussex and Kent as I'm a BTF official.

    check out the events section of the BTF website - - use the filter on the right to drill down.

    there are also some events that aren't BTF registered that I know of so feel free to PM me through my profile if you'd like some more info - events such as Seaford Tri, Marshman etc aren't BTF registered

  • Thanks, yes I am by Portsmouth, I did the May Day Winchester Novice, the swim was OK, the cycle was not so good, but some of that I am putting down to using my old mountain bike and the run went really well.  I am not sure on Open water swim as never tried it.

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    most tris will now switch to open water for summer (whenever that may be.. image) and pool tris tend not to resume until September.   so if you want another one then you are best looking at OW which means a wetsuit - those you can hire for a season until you are happy to carry on and then buy.  above 14C water temp, it's up to the individual to choose whether to wear one - they're only compulsory below that temp - depends on how "tough" you are I guess!

    see what the BTF site throws up on a search for you

  • Lymington have got one that is "open water" but uses the baths which are filled with sea water. I discovered it the other day whilst looking for a sea swim tri in August. Swim was 600m, bike wasn't long and run was 4 miles. Looked really good!

  • Thanks fat buddha and MedicGirl that is really helpful 

  • Hey Len, I did the same one as you for my first triathlon image  I was surprised at the poor visibility in the pool- it was all wash and bubbles.  The bike was pretty hilly for a beginner tri.  But, it was seriously good fun.


  • Have a look at this one in Horsham on 30 June

  • Thanks for all your suggestions. I though I had found a suitable one, with a pool swim of 400m, bike 16K and run 5k. Sounds good distances for me but it is October and when I mentioned this to my more experienced friend she said she would  not fancy it as the cycle would be so cold when wet. Is the cold really going to make it unpleasant.

  • October is still summer (I use this term very loosely) and judging from last year the tempretures will be anywhere between 5 and 40 degrees... Seriously though it won't be that cold a d it's not that far so will be fine!

  • FatBuddha whats the Marshman like? 

    Im kent-based, got a few sprints on the cards this summer but strongly considering have a crack at that early next year

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