Yoga for Runners

Hi all

I recently ran my first marathon (Rome, March this year) and, while I got through my training schedule and the actual race with no injuries, I have been struggling to get going again afterwards, and have been dealing with extremely tight hip flexors and IT band. After lots of foam rolling, stretches and sports massage (plus rest), I have just been able to go out and do a gentle 5km with no pain/discomfort.

I am aware that my body as a whole is tighter than tight could be, in particular my hips and hamstrings, so thought starting yoga might help keep future injuries at bay through strenghtening and stretching. However there seem to be a hundred different types of yoga!

Does anyone have any recommendations for a specific style of yoga that is good for runners, or recommendations for a yoga DVD aimed at runners etc? I am a bit overwhelmed by the various options out there (here was me thinking that yoga was just yoga!).



  • Hi Kirsty I did Rome too, it was worth it for the photos alone, I do Pilates regularly and find it more stretchy for me personally. Yoga tends to be longer stretches whereas Pilates gives me more variety. Seems to work as I have had hip problems but touch wood no issues since Rome, maybe it was the cobbles.

  • Yep - I blame the cobbles for everything!

    I have done Pilates previously for over a year, but couldn't really get into it - I didn't find that after a year of doing it a couple of times a week there was any discernible difference in my flexibility etc - which is why i thought I'd give yoga a go instead and see if that works better for me (plus my Pilates class that I had just re-joined has been cancelled due to low numbers...)

    Thanks for the link - they look good. Will incorporate them into my general stretching routine to begin with.


  • Pigeon stretches also work wonders or glutes, hips and ITB, hard work but worth it

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