Poorly feet, knees, hips, back1!?

Hello readers!

I work for a local company in Norfolk that specialise in custom footbeds. We're called Snowfit and fit over 1000 ski boots in the Winter, the majority of which we insert a custom footbed. This prevents no end of problems that happens to the feet and posture. For more information visit http://www.sidassport.com/en/our-products/running-18-2.html We have used this product and its machines for 16 years.

If you are having any issues with your feet, for as little as 49 pounds John or myself within the business can help. Combined we have over 20 years experience and myself being an Ex-British team skier I know the problems atheltes can go through just from the wrong foot supprt.

Give me a call on 01603716655 if you need any advice!

What do people think? Do your running shoes provide the correct support?


I look forward to hearing your posts!


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