Fame at last!

For anybody who saw the HIMUK coverage on C4 this morning, that was me (in the white Nike cap) throwing up on the finish line!



  • So did you know they were filming you or was it all a lovely surprise this morning?

    Wasn't much coming out was there?
  • Oh phooey. Missed it. Not that I've goty a vomitty penchant or anything.

    Hope you taped it !
  • LOL

    oh Paul - they could at least have given you a bucket and a cold flannel!

    (Emer - I thought the same!)
  • If it was the hacking noise I'd have sworn you were just spitting out some water. You could have just claimed they dubbed it over for effect.
    Shows you put everything into it though cornish, respect...!
  • ello!
  • hello cherub! :O)
  • They missed the main event !

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