Saturday session

midge1 can't get out of bed for his 7:30 swimming session but will probably tag along with midge2 for her 8:30.

what: as far as I can on a treadmill in an hour and 15mins.
why: to make best use of the time I spend in the leaisure centre whilst kids do their training.
last hard: Thursday
last rest: Friday

Good luck all you racers.


  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    My, that's an early swimming lesson Mij. Do the leisure centre allow you to use the treadmill for 1 1/2hrs? Ours only allow 20mins, a right pain. Mind if nobody else is there you can stay on longer.

    What: I'm up and breakfasting ready to shoot off for my multi terrain 1/2m at 11am.

    It should be a good one, the weather is fine. SO NO BOGS!

    Anyway will report back later.
  • Good luck Hilly & keep an eye on the weather - it's rained here overnight & looks a bit bleak & grey now.

    what: undecided yet about length (long or v long), but pace will be s l o w
    why: need something a bit easier after yesterday's effort

    last hard run: Fri
    last rest day: Thu
  • Have a great race, Hilly!

    I used to go to a little gym (really just a few pieces of equipment in a little airless room behind our ancient local swimming pool) where, at busy times, you weren't allowed any more than 10 minutes on any piece of cardio equipment. Not that hte staff were sufficiently switched-on to enforce the rule!

    The place I go now has 99 minutes as the default time setting on its treadmills. Imagine 99 minutes on a treadmill!

    Today: Eating.
    Why: GNR tomorrow. Starting to get butterflies. Need to keep my mouth full of food or it's bye-bye fingernails (the toenails I have written off already).
    Last hard day: Sunday. Been tapering all week.
    Last rest day: Yesterday. Swam 1km - was all set to double the distance when all of the Brummie Brums of Brummagem decided to get in MY little pool and invade MY lane so I took it as divine intervention and got out.

    Confession - walked about 3 miles this morning on the pretext of being premenstrual and absolutely needing a couple of slightly overripe mangoes from the Asian grocer's that sells off ex-supermarket huge mangoes.
  • What a lovely morning! Crisp and clear, it makes you glad to be alive! Just got back from 10 miles down to the coast along the cliffs and back through the nature reserve - brilliant!
    Last rest day: yesterday
    Last hard day: Thursday

    Good luck to everyone doing the GNR
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    I've just got back from Blandford 1/2. Feeling a little tired but generally pleased. There is a report on the Blandford thread on Events forum.
  • Long and slow it was - did a course I've not done for 6 years (last time I did it I went down with a virus next day which persisted for weeks) of about 7 miles with a significant hill in the middle. Got round in 52:40; avge HR 147.
    Definitely not used to running for longer than 45 mins - legs began to seize up over last mile....
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