Missing Period!

I am in a bit of a rut and could use some advice! I am a female distance runner, in college and I was a top varsity cross country runner in high school. Now I try to run everyday, I usually end up running anywhere from 4-10 miles a day, with a day or two off every week. I love running!


My problem is that I have not had my period in a year. I am not sure what is causing this or how to treat it. I have heard this can lead to Osteoporosis/Infertility so I am getting concerned. Anyone have this problem before/Know what I should do?


  • Hi image 

    There are many different reasons why this could have happened and you should really go and see your doctor to find out why.

    What is your weight like? If you are underweight and running a lot, this can cause your periods to stop and can lead to osteoporosis problems. Putting some weight back on and/or reducing your mileage should mean your periods start again.

    Or it could be a hormonal imbalance caused by thyroid issues. Or an early menopause (not likely in someone of college age). 

    So I really think you need to see your doc to investigate the cause. I assume you are only in your 20s, which is young to not be having a period for a year.

    Good luck image 

  • some good advice from saffy above,......you need to get it checked out with a doctor...hopefully it will be nothing serious and you can relax about it....

    running those distances would not cause it.but if by running those distances you are keeping your weight too low then it can cause long term problems....

     good luck

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