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I'm looking at buying a couple of new sports bras and was wondering where other people recommend buying them from. I want to get measured and I've lost nearly 2 stone since I bought my last one. Am I best going to a normal high street shop (e.g. Marks and Spencers), a specialist bra shop or a sports shop which also has a bra measuring service. I need a strong one as I'm quite big and heavy up top.


  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    Go to a bra shop rather than a sports shop; even running shops don't tend to have a massive selection, just a couple of brands they stock. M&S have their own range so it's worth going there for the fitting and to see if they have anything suitable, but John Lewis bra department would be my recommendation for both fitting and range of different brands.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I go to bravissimo for mine. They fit me properly and they have a large range for bigger breasted ladies. I lost weight and found that a new bra really helped. I've been to M&S once and I didnt like it. That's just my opinion. I've found a shop that works for me - and don't go anywhere else now.

    Its also worth looking at sports pursuit once you know your size/brand. They sometimes have shock absorbers for sale at decent prices.

  • where you go really depends on your size.if you have smaller boobs then normal shops like M&S will have sports bras that work.......if you are C/D or larger then i really think you need one of the specialist running sports i would look at the range they have.....

  • I'm about a c/d cup (and quite heavy and droopy) so I definitely need a good strong sports bra.

    I had a look at Bravissimo online, and I might try them if I come out as a D cup and can't find anything I like. My friend likes them too for ordinary bras. It's just they're in central Manchester and that means getting the train or paying for parking.

    Might go the the Trafford Centre on my day off, that way I can check out M&S, John Lewis and Debenhams. At least that way I should get a good idea of what fits. I'll probably be cheeky and get a drink and check out the online retailers when I know what fits.

  • the shock absorber run bras are brillinat.......we have a bra shop at our out of town retail shops area.the ones where they do lots of sale items.the women will measure you and they do the shock absorber run bras cheap......

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    +1 for shock absorbers... the ones that fasten in two places. I was briefly a D cup and they worked then. Reason I go to John Lewis is that they always match other shops' promotions, so it's decent value even if you *might* find a previous season's style/colour online in your size if you were lucky.

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    +1 shock absorber run bra, run two marathons in one not a single mark, rub, pain, no nothing the bra was perfect image

  • I've put on a couple of kilos lately which seem to have gone entirely on to my breasts. Ouch Ouch Ouch, had to cut short my run tonight because of excess bounciness.

    I already wear Shock Absorber Run bras and have a range of sizes, so am wearing one which fits, but it's not enough. Is there something MORE industrial? Or do I just need to spend a month or two calorie counting?


    And no, I'm not pregnant.

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    a second bra on top?

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    make the straps shorter and back tighter?

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I agree with literatin. Check the straps and adjust. Shock absorbers work great for me and I've been up to a FF cup

  • Straps and back adjusted as much as possible. Might give booktrunk's 2 bras suggestion ago. Have started calorie counting again, I really didn't miss people talking to me tits.

  • I'm fairly big chested (E) and I picked up a sports bra in the debenhams larger section a year or so ago. tbh I didn't use much until now but I think it's definately giving me enough support at the moment. I've seen mixed reviews for the shock absorber and from what I can gather once you go over a C/D it just doesn't give the needed support.

    I'm looking into getting another sports bra now that I'm upping the amount of running I'm doing, unfortunately I'm in France, so am limited to the inner city sports shops. I wasn't impressed by anything I found in Decathlon or Intersport last week.

    Any suggestions people would like to throw out there for getting one online?

  • I've found shock absorber ultimate run bra to be very comfy and fits well. I'm very small chested so have problems finding sports bras to fit properly.  However my major gripe is that the metal hook & eye fastening keeps breaking/snapping off.  I have now been through 3 of these and am fed up with this fault despite not subjecting them to heavy wash/wear cycle.  Has anyone else found this happens?

  • Sue


     This has been annoying me for some time.......I have had 5 of them go the same way.i thought it might be me


  • Sue, have you tried the H&M sports bras? They are relatively cheap, I certainly find them to be much more comfortable than some of the more expensive brands. 

  • Sue, I haven't had that problem (maybe because I always wash bras in a net laundry bag?) but did find the adjustable straps eventually started coming undone while I was running. I've ended up switching to a compression-type bra with no fastenings, which seems to work well enough up to a B cup. My favourite is a Nike one but velloo's post has reminded me I've got an H&M one somewhere that was just as supportive.

  • Do you mean the crop top ones from H&M?  I have one of these which i use for body balance as I didn't find them very supportive.  Do they do a proper sports bra?  I don't really like compression tops as they make me look like I have no boobs at all!

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