The Medway 10k

Is there a map of the course anywhere?


  • The final route should be confirmed tomorrow after a final course inspection. We have been waiting for approvals to come through - and these should be with us any time now.

  • hi martin, is the route as per the link above.? as that seems to suggest it starts and finishes on the great lines, and not on the running track as published..?

  • Simon - I'll get the course map uploaded to the Nice Work website later today.

  • Is there parking available? what time is registration?

  •  Yes you can parjk at Medway Park and registration will be open from 8.

  • Is the race chipped?

  • Yes it is Kazza2Cats

  • just looked at the route   are the out and back going to be seperated ?


  • Be aware Medway Park is a pay & display car park. You don't tend to find that out until you see the PCN slapped on your windscreen.


  • It's great to have a distance event in Medway again but a shame it's replacing the Cliffe Woods 10k. There's been a race at Cliffe Woods since I started road running (mid 1980's). It would be great if this got revived

  • Very true sea lark nice to have a local 10k back. 

    Looks as if the medway 10 is the cliff woods replacement 

    i also see the nice work team are  organising a 10k run at capstone park

    With the medway 10k , capstone park 10k and there's one down river side park in gillingham September that's 3 local events

    just hope they are well supported and can continue 

  • Agree. We used to have some gems around here. There was a Medway 10k which disappeared in the late 1990's based at Featherby School. There were also events like the Hempstead Marathon & half marathon. The Cliffe Woods 10 & 5 (miles); Lordswood 10 & 5 k; Rochester half marathon; RSME half marathon to name but a few.

    Sunday traffic & traders have increased significantly since those times so it's good to have an organisation like Nice Works to get these events on. Any race secretary will tell you how much of a headache it is to deal with road closures, policing, red tape etc.

  • Hi Sealark

    The Cliffe Woods 10k was organised by Cerebral Palsy Care and it was a great event (did it a few times). CPC have now moved to medway and wanted something in their local area - and Medway are also keen to attract these kind of events to the town. So, we have a Medway 10k supported by the council and organised on behalf of a local charity.

    We would have preferred a route more reflective of the town - but logistically the town isnt ready for the significant road closures and diversions this would involve - so this year's race is, hopefully, but a small step towards a major town centre race.

    We'll see how we get on next week first though!

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