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Next week I am running the Edinburgh Half. I have one half already under my belt so to speak, however the previous one was in the afternoon, so here is my slight concern.

Edinburgh starts at 8am and I was wondering what recommendations people have for what to eat and drink and how much of a gap between eating breakfast and running is recommended, I usually leave a good couple of hours, not sure there will be that much time next week!

any tips really appreciated, Lou


  • Just me, but I don't like to eat within an hour of the start of any sort of exercise, unless I fancy seeing it again image (yes I have made that mistake more than once) so just a good brekkie of whatever you normally have should see ya right image

  • Up at 6 am

    Porridge with cream/ golden syrup, tea, water

    7 am travel to start

    On the way/ at the start line, banana and water

    Water/ sports drinks as given out on the way round (I think they are giving a gel this year as well)

    Beer and chips by 10.30 or so.

    That's done the trick twice for me.

    Good luck!

  • I did a morning half earlier this spring. I ate a bowl of porridge and golden syrup a good 3 hours before and then just sips of water until the race. I also had some fruit pastels in my pocket for during the race.

    I think its more important to eat well in the days beforehand (especially the evening before) and make sure you're hydrated as you don't want to be drinking loads on the morning of the race, otherwise you'll be needing the loo!

    I was looking forward to the pub lunch afterwards too. 

  • Eat what you normally eat. Don't try new things on race day. But for what it's worth I eat porridge with a banana about 2 hours beforehand with about half a litre of water to drink. Good luck with the race

  • Thank you so much for all these pointers. They are all really helpful, and i have taken everything onboard. I am already preparing myself in terms of nutrition, and dreaming of the nice pub lunch at the end!  Just the 13.1 miles to do between now and then image

    Thank you

    p.s. I wish I liked porridge!

  • I'm not that keen on the scots porrage original stuff but the Quaker oats 2 mins in the microwave stuff is ok. It comes in different flavours. It's a bit more expensive £4 for 2 boxes at ASDA. 

  • Nessie73Nessie73 ✭✭✭

    Shredded wheat, banana and skimmed milk, two cups of tea, at least two hours before. I hate porridge. Allow time for numerous toilet visits. Job's a good'un ('scuse the pun)

  • Nose NowtNose Nowt ✭✭✭

    I'd avoid all protein at breakfast time (barring a bit of milk).  Keep light on the fibre too. Your body can't really use these for the HM...  so you don't want your tummy directing resources to digesting it.

    I'd have porridge at 5-15 and go back to bed for an hour.  Banana about 6.30 - because those carbs are easily digested and used.  A decent amount of water thoughout the morning.... including 500ml around 7.15 to 7.30....  and carry some jelly babies or similar to eat during the race, from half way.

    Enjoy it.  Good luck.

  • Or just a big fat fry up, you know you want to image

  • whatever you decide on try it out before race day incase you have any problems

  • Perfect, thank you all for your tips, I'll let you know the outcome!

  • Well i survived, and i got a PB breaking the 2 hour barrier! hydration was important with the sun high in the sky at 8am. 

    Possibly not the best choice of breakfast, but it more than did the job, banana granoloa and a yoghurt. All eaten at 6am and given plenty of time to settle.

    Edingburgh was a great event, recommend it to anyone looking to do a half, there was some double backing at the end but it was all manageable. 

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