marathon in June?

Dear all,

I'd be very grateful for your help. I had to withdraw from the White Peak Marathon (it would have been my first) due to illness. I don't want to waste all the training. Can anyone recommend a marathon in southern half of England/Wales between 1st and 22nd June - not too hilly. There seem to be very few on the event list (e.g. Boddington is cancelled).

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  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Shrewsbury on 23rd June? Marathons are normally on a Sunday, so you've only got the 3rd and the 16th available unless you stretch your time-frame.


  • Thanks stutyr. Shrewsbury looks perfect but I am out of the country on the 23rd. Any weekend day in June or early July would be fine, I suppose, except the 23rd. There seem to be lots of challenging trail and hill marathons, but I'm not keen on this for my first. Littledown looked interesting but very small. Hmmmm...Thanks again, Craig

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    You see the top of this webpage where it says Events.... Try clicking there, and selecting the distance, and month that you want to run it in and click on search image

  • Booktrunk, thanks. I did that but at least one event (Boddingtons) is listed under "Events" and is not taking place. I wondered whether there might be events that have not found their way on to the Runners World list yet... 

  • There are organisers who don't bother listing their races on RW - because RW keep a lot of race info "subscriber only".

    Have a look on and


  • Or try here... 

  • Thanks, very helpful.

  • We is always 'appy to 'elp.

  • PG3PG3 ✭✭✭

    I had to miss Edinburgh last year due to illness and I got a last minute place at the Kent road runner marathon.  I think it's at the start of June this year, they might still have places. It is multi lap and there is a hill in the lap but it's not hilly as such.  The organisers do their best to make sure it's a really good race and it's so small that there is no congestion on the course.

  • South Downs Marathon sat 8th June is open.  Lovely area. It doesn't quite meet the 'not hilly' brief as there is approx 5,500ft assent, but I bet the views are good.

  • Kent road runner full (blast), South Downs looks beyond me. I might go for Littledown (has anyone done it? 26 circuits sound rather dizzying). Or there's Lancaster on 30th June, but that is described as one of the UK's hardest road races (but still surely easier than South Downs)!

  • If the sun comes out this year, don't forget to apply the handbrake for the first 6 miles.

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