Newbie Runner needs advice on shoes, clothing and equipment.

I've just started to embark on a lifestyle change to get fit after 15 years (and 2 pregnancies) sitting on the sofa I'm now 34. (As background I used to do a lot of sport in my youth!) 

I have managed over the last 6 weeks to comfortably run 5km in under 17 mins and am looking to move up to 10km with the goal of entering a 10k run in October thats local to me. (Its unlikely that I will try and run any further than 10km in the long term)

At the moment I am running in a pair of £10 trainers from Sports Direct and I am after some general advice on shoes that can offer better support and any other equipment that experienced runners consider essentials! (light weight rain coat maybe??) 



  • YKWYKW ✭✭✭

    Well done on your 5k time - from my point of view - thats amazing


    Everyone on this forum seems to be an advocate for going to a running shop, having your gait analysed and buying a fancy "but tailored to your needs" running shoe. There is some debate as to whether this actually helps or not - but will leave that decision up to you.

    As for clothing - I have bought a bunch of karrimor from sports direct - its cheap and for clothing seems to work well enough.


    i have a running jacket, some more mile running socks, a few pairs of running shorts (ronhill), and some running tops - all "technical" i.e. non-cotton moisture-wicking types)

    I have a running hat which is brilliant when it rains and some running gloves which i never use - actually tell a lie, i use to put my phone in to give it some water-proofing.



  • Thanks YKW - it was a bit of a surprise as I was aiming to run the 5k in 25 mins! I need to lear how to pace myself!

    Interesting about the shoes, I didn't know that you could do that. I will go and google local places that offer that! 

    Did you get a lighweight waterproof jacket or a thermal warm one? I guess with the weather improving a showerproof one would be more sensible? 

    Its a minefield if you just google running clothing!  


  • If you're sure you're running 5k in under 17 minutes - you need to advise us ! That's a time that would win a lot of races.

    Are you sure that time or distance is right ?

    As to kit - proper shoes from a proper running shop is what you want.

    The rest of the kit can be cheap and aldi or lidl sell kit every so often for buttons.

    You don't need that much kit as you get hot running and its summer now. Ish.
  • Nothing worse than being beaten in a 5k by someone in a ten pound pair of trainers. 

  • That sounds like you're talking from experience there SR?

  • Crikey. You should stop now. I would if I ever did a 5k in 17 minutes! That's awesome!

  • If you can run 5k in 17 minutes in £10 jobbies, imagine what you could do in a pair of Adidas Boosts!!

  • Cougie I used Map my run. 3.14 miles 16:47, to be fair it was very flat! I suspect on a more challenging course this would be much slower! 

    Interesting re the clothing I will just stick with my normal jiggers and t shirts for now I think but sounds like its worth investing in trainers. 

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    for the clothing, I think socks and shorts are the key pieces to spend a little more money on.

    For the jacket,this is more debatable.  I have a windproof gilet (i.e. sleeveless jacket) that is a key piece of kit for autumn thro' to spring (or 50 weeks a year image).  I only wear a jacket in below freezing conditions (and it has removable sleeves,so they often come off even then).  I have seen people still wearing windproof jackets in the last week or so, where temps have been in the high teens - but I'm in only a t-shirt if its above 5 degree C.

    Don't forget your skin is waterproof, I've been soaked in T-shirt and shorts and its not as bad as it seems when you are running, but you do need to change quickly when you get home.

  • Of course I meant Joggers... 

  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    Sod the Adidas boosts! I'm off to buy a £10 pair of Sports Direct trainers!!! image

    If you ran a 5K "comfortably" in that time, I'd love to know what you get if you put some effort in! I'm dubious that what you say is true. But if it is true, then I really hate you image

    It's worth grabbing gear from Aldi when it is available (except the shoes) - they have some great tech gear at cheap prices.  It doesn't come around too often though.

  • Tenjiso when I say comfortably I mean I'm knackered after but could prob carry on at a slower pace iykwim. image Thanks for the Aldi tip I will gonand look. 

  • Blimey. That can't be right surely ? The 5k near me was won by a lady in 19 mins (I presume you're a lady from the pregnancy thing ?). And that was a flat route.

    If you can just smash out a flat 5k in 17 mins, then either you're an ex Olympic athlete, or the next best thing to hit Team GB in years.

    You're sure its not in Kilometers ? I confused MPH and KMH on a treadmill in a gym in Oxford Street once. I put (I thought) a nice steady 10km in to warm myself up and was nearly blasted back through a plate glass window. Bloody tready was in MPH.
  • cougie wrote (see)
     Bloody tready was in MPH

    I've done that... It caused all sorts of amusement at my old gym. That's the last time I'll ever go near a treadmill in public!

  • The gym I go to now has about 20 treamills. All in Kmh.

    Apart from one hiding in the middle thats in MPH. It's like russian roulette !
  • Cougie I'm pretty sure but I'm going to double check it now image on the Map my Run ap it is def 3.14 miles average speed 5:20 min per mile Total time 16:47 

    World record pace for a woman is just over 14 mins so its not that fast!! 

  • giggling at the image of random people flying off treadmills tho!!image

  • Trust us BR - that is very fast ! You'd be up to World Record pace after a year or two !
  • Guess I'd better buy some better trainers then! 

  • I'd not worry - Team GB will be round shortly with a set of sponsored gear.

    You might want to try a parkrun just so you come to their attention first.

    Its a free 5k race held Saturday mornings in the big parks. Hopefully there's one near you ? Start near the front !
  • I'try have a go at a park run (although 9am on a sat will be interesting!) 


  • Better polish off your trophy cabinet

  • Thanks for the non snarky replies, I'll check out getting trainers and the Aldi tip. 

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    16.47 puts you in the top 20 Women in the country.

    That's a good start.
  • Just to put it in perspective. Your time would at least equal the all time Brighton and Hove parkrun record. The 2nd biggest parkrun in the country. 400 runners every week. Been going 6 years. And you would beat every female who ever went. 

  • all I've gone by is the Map my run I logged this week. I fully intend to go and do a park run to get a verified time. 

    I'm just starting running and posted on here trying to find out about trainers and anytjing else people recommend clothing wise. had I put that my time was 40mins then I'm pretty sure people would have stuck to that. 

  • Just let us know which parkrun you are doing. Where do you live?. With all us behind you, you can smash some records. We are sceptical but would love to be proven wrong.

  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    If you're serious about the training and want a good guide for your pace and distance, then a decent sports watch should also be added to your list.  Garmin are probably most popular.  Check out for detailed reviews of running watches.

    Parkrun is a great way for you to get a reliable timed run too.

  • On the south coast, brockenhurst is my closest. I can't go this Sat as we have people over but fully intend to go. I was feeling pretty good about it but I'm rather deflated now. 

  • Thanks Tenjiso - do you rate any of the iPhone apps? 

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