Which would you say is more physically demanding?

Running 5k every day, or 10k every other day?
Which regime would you say is better/more testing all in?


  • depends on what you class a smore demanding and what pace you are planning.

    the 5k a day is more demanding on your time and your washing and drying bills......

    as it takes a mile to warm up and a mile to cool down your 10k would give you more time to build up some pace.................

    5k everyday is more likely to get you injured if you do them at the same pace as it does not allow any rest days for yourself.....

  • Agree. No recovery ever is a short cut to injury....Being injured? Now that's demanding...

  • Obviously, I didn't agree that it was the end of the discussion...

  • Both options sound like a short step away from boredom. Mix things up.

  • XX1XX1 ✭✭✭
    Joseph Preston wrote (see)
    5k every day is harder. End of discussion.

    Not if it's run at your marathon pace image

  • I will offer one line of defence for the 10K: if both are physically easy and you run them at a consistant pace then 5K could potenitally become more like a regeime in the day: like taking a shower is for most people.


    Doing 10 K 7 times a fortnight may seem more like a chore, especially since it takes a fair bit of time to do, rather than something you can do before breakfast/dinner etc each day. It would also become for me more boring more quickly since you would get out of the habit and think I'll defer just one day rather than saying I have to do this every day.


    ^Injury wise I agree with the above.

  • 5k every day for me assuming you run it at a decent pace. Both sound like horrible ideas if run at any pace though.

    I used to do a brisk walk of at least 3 miles very nearly every day before I started running and it was getting pretty dull but wasn't particularly demanding physically (by the end).  If you did it slow enough 5k every day would be possible and not that bad I expect but the temptation would always be there to go faster.

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    I used to do 5-8k every day for a while - I had a lot of excess energy and had started off running three times a week, then every other day, and ended up filling in all the gaps in the week. It was fine and not actually hard, but I wasn't really racing it and was pretty fit already. Once I decided to start training properly for races I built in different paces and distances and rest days.

    If you're just doing it because you like being outside and doing something active, then either is fine; if you are looking for a 'testing regime' like you say, you're probably better off coming up with a proper training schedule.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    depends what intensity you're running at.

    if either are at easy pace, probably not much difference.

    but usually best to take at least one day off a week....

  • Thanks for all your answers folks image

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