Tuesday 21st May 2013

alehousealehouse ✭✭✭


Lyrics are: If you can use some exotic booze
There's a bar in far Bombay

Just back from taking daughter to the airport: no, she isn't flying to Bombay, just Spain. Lucky girl is staying with a family near Madrid unti June 7th and teaching in a secondary school there as part of her course.Would be nice to fly away from a very damp morning: mizzle, in fact.

What: 20 mins plus
Why: consistent consistency

Yesterday's lyrics were "Nothing Rhymed", Gilbert O'Sullivan, which includes yesterday's clue, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained", which I quite often say when running!

Today's lyrics are the second and third line, with the first being the title.

Back to marking!


Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success


  • Morning

    What:5M Steady on a cracking sunny and dry May morning up here.

    Why: Habit, good to get out.

    ale: Bet your daughter has been looking forward to Spain.

    Catch up soon

    Lyrics: That's a nope


  • DonaldoDonaldo ✭✭✭

    Morning! Beautiful day here. image

    My cold is getting worse unfortunately, really need to clear it before Sunday! Might rest from running today.

    Lyrics - yes!  image

  • Morning.

    Dry here - so far.

    Postie - that is some hill to run up!

    Blisters - I'm with you on 'needing' the 20 mile run - feel as if all my VLM endurance is slipping away.

    My holiday is wearing me out - may just be a bike ride today to give my poor creaky knees a little rest.

    What:              more bike miles
    Why:               building the bike
    Last hard:       my saddle is getting really hard
    Last rest:        27/4

    Lyrics - I believe I do.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    morning all,
    Ale - hope your daughter enjoys it, I'm sure it will be a lovely experience.
    LmH, postie - ah the south coastal hills, have to say enjoy running those when I get the chance.
    NZC - mine was 10 miles
    Took yesterday as a rest day, sore hammys, busy day at work and committee meeting in the evening that finished at 10 conspired to tell me what I ought to know.
    Today - ran to work from the station, hardly a postie commute, merely a 2k leg stretcher. Will do some kind of speedwork lunchtime as can't get to the club tonight: both girls have schools athletics fixtures.
    Why - back in the saddle
    last rest - yesterday
    last hard - Sunday

    lyric - nope

  • Here the first of the race reports:

    Cape Wrath Challenge Day 1
    Monday - HM around  Loch Eriboll

    Forecast had been horrendous with 49mph wind and heavy rainimage
    Light dusting of snow on hills overnight. Strong gusts of wind the night before and heavy showers during breakfast.

    Vest , long sleeved top, waterproof and hat in order

    However winds were moderate and mostly favourable and stayed dry for most of race.imageimage ( Horizontal hail half an hour afterwards! )image

    Deer crossing the road as we headed out in 3 minibuses to start.image

    Met up with UTC from Scottish runners thread before startimage

    First 2 miles were head into wind but still managed 8.x minute miles. Across the wind at the head of Loch Eriboll, then turning up the glen with the wind behind us.

    The sun came out. The waterproof came off and my Better Half swept by ...
    ...despite her recent injury.

    Easy run back up the glen. Passed 7 mile mark at just under the hour and realised sub2 and PB were possible although all the hills were still ahead.

    Wind was really only a problem at one leg of the hair pin bends where wind was channelled right against us. Last 1.5 miles were tough into the wind too.

    Mile markers were quite optimistic and there was a clear half mile to the finish at the 13 mile mark.

    Crossed the line at 1:58:31. Well pleased

    just PB'd by about 20s (but last PB was on flat course so well pleased).

    Heavy rain and strong winds all the rest of the day so headed back to cottage after soup sandwiches and cake for lazy afternoon with bookimage

    Our team won the Pub Quiz that evening image
    (more thanks to rest of team than to us it has to be said image)


  • Warm Up Act part 2
    Day 2 of Cape Wrath Challenge
    Tuesday - The 5.4 mile Hill Race

    Tired after the HM but rewarded by a lie in, the overnight torrential rain having eventually abated, we met at the race HQ for the start at 11.
    The start was delayed briefly while another squall went by, while we were warned that there was a lot of surface water and the stepping stones over the 2 official river crossings were no longer an option (well and truly submerged).image
    We headed out along the road for a short way, the legs feeling a bit stiff after the previous day, before turning up the wet trail up and along side the hill. Puffed quite hard and had to stop to retie my shoe lace. Over an unofficial water crossing or two before descending to the two official fords. The water in the second of these was up to upper calf and flowing quite strongly but managed to get across without providing a photo opportunity! image
    Here we left the shorter option runners (4 milers) before heading up and over the moors and another watery section.

    Up a very muddy slippery bank where I got overtaken surrepticiously by another guy (RF). Since the fords everyone had been quite spaced out. Back onto a Landrover track and the road where we were high fived by the local kids. RF steadily opened the gap as we got back to the finish line.
    57:57 for me (perhaps a sponsorsip deal from heinz beckoning ...!) image
    Scottish Country Dancing (rehearsal) that evening ...

  • Warm Up Act part 3
    Day 3 of Cape Wrath Challenge
    Wednesday - The 10/6 mile Round Durness Race
    Actually I skipped this day by designimage  heading for my marshalling point on the short option while Better Half did the longer route.
    Hadn't realised that it was a critical marshalling point where route left the track across the fields. image
    Maybe should have listened more closely to the Race Director. image
    However the route was well marked with tapes ... a quick check on map as confirmation ...  all was well.image
    The rain held off for most of the race and I took a few photos before an afternoon swim beckoned.image

  • Warm Up Act Part 4
    Day 4 of the Cape Wrath Challenge
    Thursday - 3 mile Beach Run
    At last the sun came out. image
    Fancy Dress is not obligatory but those not in fancy dress are regarded as the odd ones out. image
    The local school kids are also bussed in to participate.
    A brightly multicoloured beak, white tummy on black complete with orange legs and velcro'd black wings allowed me to pose as one of the local winged fauna! imageimage
    A fun day out!
    Better Half's turn to marshall.

    Out along one beach, up on the dunes then back onto next beach was the intention. This year's tides didn't allow us to cut around the headland.
    However the front group of runners (including me) managed to miss the turn back onto second beach so ran a longer route over the dunes before turning round the far marshall at the end of the second beach.image

    Back into a gentle head wind on a lovely sunny morning, I began to enjoy myself "flying" along for the various cameramen along  the beach.
    I "winged" (just as a small boy playing Spitfires) the Morris Dancers and the Christmas Puddings as I passed! imageimage
    The slight head wind with my newly acquired wings gave me the illusion of a slight bit of lift. image
    Crossed the finishing line, puffing my tummy out, for my impression of a typical "Tammie Norrie" (Atlantic Puffin) landing.

    A lot of folk even, including Better Half, straight into the sea after the finish (my second swim of trip)

    Off to walk to Sandwood Bay in the afternoon image
    Weather a bit too wild for another swim
    evening BBQ at the Race HQ

  • Warm Up Act Part 5
    Day 5 of the Cape Wrath Challenge
    Friday - Actually a rest day for all image
    Tried to kayak in Loch Eribol but had difficulty finding a suitable launch point.
    Met up with others at the the Coffee/Book shop before an impromptu tea party chez nous.imageimage

    Evening Meal in "Sango Sands" and more socialising ..imageimage

    Ominous weather forecasts for the morning ...image

  • Cape Wrath is an unusual marathon involving a ferry crossing, a "Drinks" station offering single malt and other spirits and of course Cape Wrath Lighthouse.

    The runners are ferried down to the ferry by minibus in batches: The slower runners and the return relay runners going earlier, The faster runners and the outward relayers going later. This is necessary because of the logistics. The usual ferry takes about 12 passengers for the short crossing of the kyle. There are 2 minibuses on far side for the relayers. The route on the Cape side is an out and back 11 miles along a rough unmetalled road to the lighthouse.

    On returning to the ferry, the times are noted and clock stops until you are ferried back to "land side" for final 4.2 miles back up the main road to the finish  at the race HQ (Community Hall)

    Saturday dawned as the weather men had forecast wet++ with strong Northerly wind image (but not enough for  the ferry to be cancelled and alternative routre to be enacted!) image

    Better Half was doing the 15 outward leg (as she was recovering from an injury). She had to be at the HQ for 6:30 am so an early start. My meet time was an hour later so I dropped her then returned for breakfast and last minute preparations.

    Arrived at ferry to hear that the ferry had broken down but an alternative boat was coming shortly. A small RIB soon arrived, but could only take 5. Our (minibus) group was split into 3 for the crossing and I was one of last three. We were helped aboard by uniformed volunteer army cadets compleete with golfing umbrella! The crossing was fast but first of our lot was already away with the second group just about to start. One of our three had a false start with the previous lot without having her time card marked and had to be called back. This wouldn't have been so bad if the first 200 yards were not the steepest part of the course.image

    A "gazebo" tent had been errected in the hope of keeping gear and us (transiently) dry. After a couple of minutes our tail end trio was started. Within a quarter of a mile my socks and shorts were totally soaked, the rest of my clothing (vest and merino) were not long behind despite the Montane jacket.

    Although we all walked up the steep first 200 yards, I had some difficulty getting into a decent pace after that and settled into last of our threesome. After a sharp climb the road undulates for a mile before descending again to the wooden bridge (previously just a ford).

    A long slow uphill then begins where I met some of the earliest starting relay runners heading the other way. Everyone greets everyone as they pass.

    At about 4 miles, I arrived at "Inshore", one of the few building on route to the lighthouse after ferryside. This is where the infamous drinks station is positioned. Declined a dram but accepted a glass of water. image

    Shortly after this, high fived the Better Half as she headed back to the ferry.

    Still wet++ but not caring, had dispensed with beanie hat a while back.

    Caught up with one of our threesome as we headed slowly on up to the highest point of run (176m).

    A long downhill followed to meet Peter (a running friend who was marshalling this year due to injury) at the next water station.image

    Peter appeared out of the hut with an improvised wooden tray of plastics of water despite the wind (he apologised for lack of choice at this station<img src='http://s3.runnersworld.co.uk/forum/smilies/wink_smiley.gif'

  • Wind really quite strong now and in my face. Passing a lot of runners who were nowheading back from lighthouse. Caught up with one of earlier starters from our minibus group. Desparately looking forward to the turn about at the lighthouse and to going with the wind for a short way.

    Big welcome at lighthouse, Mars Bars on offer. Walked around lighthouse munching Mars Bar.

    Now with wind behind me initially, I headed back, meeting various friends heading out as I returned. Passed Peter again at drink station. Wind against us again for long hill but managed to run most of it.image

    Several more of later start runners passing me by but eventually came back to "Inshore" drinkss station . Declined yet another dram but a few more Jelly Babies "bit the dust" to keep me going.image

    At this point last year, my legs were so spent I couldn't even run down the hill to the wooden bridge. Howeverm this year I was still going strong for me and on up the last uphill before the ferry.image

    Got back down to the (ferry 22 miles) just over the 4 hour mark. Time cards marked again. Forgot to stop Garmin for a couple of minutes.image Crossed back by the standard ferry, now operational again.

    Met Better Half at the pier who had come back down after her earlier 15 mile leg. image
    Time Cards marked again before final 4.2, now along metalled road.
    Dispensed with jacket as had now stopped raining and I was soaked whatever.

    Ran slowly up to village, down and round the loop before last uphill to Race HQ, Better Half and another running friend catching a photo as I came round the loop.

    Did manage to put a "sort of" finishing sprint as I came across the line (well a bit more than a shuffle).image

    4h46m26 official time (20 minutes better than last year so well pleased)

    Shower, soup, sandwiches and cake ... ... then back to cottage to rest & recuperate before the magnificient evening buffet and ceilidh ...

    Despite her injury Better Half managed more than she'd thought she wouldimage

    Thoroughly enjoyed the week. Great running Great meeting old and new friends.

  • NZChristineNZChristine ✭✭✭

    Wow Other half - sounded absolutely fantastic - well done to you and Better half, what a fab event!

  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭

    Great report, OH! Far too tough for me! So much for tapering for a marathon!

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Too tough for me too I think Alehouse - especially being calf deep in cold water!

    Great reports OH - thank you. Are you heading back again next year?

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    sounds wonderful OH, pity it would be so far for me to go, but all sounds great!

  • Nice report OH - sounds like a decent one for the memory. Well done.... well done ... I thought it deserved to be said twice. I wont admit that'd it'd be too tough though!!! OK OK Ok it would

    Me - 2 k swam. Out of pool, get ready to run... no shoes...  out of gym in running shorts, t shirt, leather shoes - into the car, claim runners and out for 6 mile run. Must remember shoes !!!!!!

    Away tonight so the bike will be in the boot!!!!



  • LM.H probably 11-17 May next year ...
    AH but we did rest on Friday ...image
    Dustin - lots of folk up from Essex and London (Eton Manor Harriers) and other parts of southern England so no excuse!

    What: maybe kayaking this evening
    Why: It's Tuesday
    Last Hard: Saturday
    Last rest: yesterday
    Lyrics: no

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Wow, OH! Now I understand why they call it a challenge! Great running by you and Els imageimage

    Not much to report here ... post marathon injury (quad pain) reared its ugly head again at the end of last week so I decided to rest for a bit. Have a 10k on Sunday and will be resting till then. It's only local (about a mile from our house), so no travel involved and if the pain comes back I'll jog round or just drop out. TBH not expecting anything of the race anyway with so little running since the marathon and no speedwork worth mentioning. Bit disappointed - had hoped for a series of half-decent 10ks over the next 4 weeks but don't think that's going to happen now image. Onwards and upwards image

  • A'noon

    Nice day here again

    OH: Great reports.

  • Just the 539m of climb today - which meant that we rode the 41 miles in closer to two and a half hours than three - may need to go out for that little run later after all. It threatened rain most of the way and was quite grey and very gusty in places but it's brightening up now.

    Sorry to hear that your quad is playing up again chickadeee - worth getting a sports massage maybe?

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    Chicka, take it easy with the dodgy quad...foam roller?
    nice riding LmH, ideal sort of weather I guess? Bit blustery though I imagine!
    OH - I'll mention it for the clubs trip next year or the year after...
    Update - 7.5 miles along the Southbank playing dodge the school trippers, then up to the Palace via Westminster, down the Mall hurdling Japanese tourists and replicating a VLM finish & back along the Embankment.
    Legs felt a bit weary, but ended up quite zippy, averaging 7m30 miles...

  • Still a bit chilly Dustin - long sleeves required - but fortunately the wind was only an issue on one of the long descents near the end. I would have been in trouble if the gusts had been much stronger.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Afternoon

    What 10ish commute
    Why Base building (again)
    Weather Bit damp and murky
    Lyrics No

    Dustin are you training for the steeple chase?

    Have decided to plod on until the first full week of June and thn start giving it some serious welly.

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    yep, Dustin: loads of foam rollering image.

    Hope I can sort it myself, otherwise it's physio and/or sports massage next week.

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Enjoy the rollers..........

    10.22m for me mostly off road and eating flies, but just so nice to be in the countryside....

    All a tad manic here with work etc....

    Take care all

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