Sport in The Port 10k

First running of this event . Organised by Chester marathon team . Course should be very fast .  Easy to get to from Chester , North wales , Wirral and Liverpool areas . All details on the web site . I will be doing it ... will you ?


  • Bum. Clashes with Freckleton Half - but new events are always a good thing.
  • it's a 10k, 5k and 1 mile... Goes right past my Mums and the school an Suzie attended 

  • Home advantage Dave ! You should do it !image
  • I'm in London that weekend otherwise I would, after my great Chester half, I was looking for a flat 10k 

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    Yes I think so, Mersey Tunnel the week before as well

  • Funny that Dave , it goes past my mums, and the school I went to . But then again it goes past most places in Ellesmere Port and Little Sutton . Should be plenty of support .

  • I went to school in Great Sutton image

  • Just over a week to go and by my calculations about 532 entrants . Any updates from the organisers ( Andy & Chris ) re everything going to plan ?

  • Doh I just logged on to enter and its saying entries are now closed. Anyone entered this who now cant go, Ill happily buy your entry!

  • Doubt very much if they're not taking any more entries . Andy and Chris WHERE ARE YOU ! image


    Saw Andy at the gym the other day, so he's still alive image

  • Just been round the supposed course and noticed a lack of signs . Now discover the route has been changed .image

  • Hi all

    Initial entries were disappointing we had to make a forecast when ordering the medals and race shirts  so set a limit of 800 for the 10K & 5k (combined) plus an additional 200 for the 1 mile fun run.  It is always a difficult call ... Over the last week entries have been flying in so we expect to reach the 800 limit for the 10k and 5k within the next day or so.

    We have had to change part of the route (10k & 5k) in the last week, still fast & flat so no worries there; updated details are on the race web site .  Details will be mailed out to all entrants in the next couple of days.

    Dan - We have just checked the system, the entries closed message was an error and is now sorted, apologies for this.  Please try again and mail me at if you have any more problems.

    Good times image


  • Thanks Chris all entered now. Apologies if this is a dumb question but what is the start time? I couldnt see it on the site.

  • 10 o'clock . Be aware of road closure times . Think most close at 9:30 though not as many closures as first thought due to route change . 

  • Anyone who can't run, i'm after a place, left it late again.

  • Nick Windsor 4 wrote (see)

    I reckon if I was dropped off blindfold in Ellesmere port I'd be on for a PB over any distance running away

    Why ? 

  • Take no notice Dave , he's just a wind up merchant cruising for a bruising .

  • I never take any notice of Nick anyway, I was just wondering why his own on this race 

  • Cor you do read other posts...Sunday Mail boring this morning ? 

  • Same ? Yeah only through very distant ancestors 

  • Anyway, apart from it being pan flat, any other reason why it's a good PB course ? 

  • There arent many turns and its out and back. I did it yesterday and found it really good, very warm though, didnt get a PB but close. Very well organised and loads of spectators and support. Will do again!

  • Where can I find some photographs of the event? I saw plenty of pro looking long lensed photographers!

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