Carb Loading

I will be carb loading for the Manchester 10k on Sunday.

Friday is an Italian restaurant i think, with a nice pasta dish for the main course.

But what would be the best starter and sweet as I am going with a client from work so it will be three courses.

I was thinking plain garlic bread or bruschetta for starters?

No idea on the sweet might even miss that that i dont think there will be many carbs in it?


  • I seriously wouldn't bother carb loading for a 10k.  Unless you're wanting to put on some weight that is.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Pudge has got it spot on!

    Where did you get the idea that you need to carb load for a 10k?

    Eating loads and loads of unneccesary carbs will just weigh you down making you slower.
  • There is no need. Don't start it hungry by any means but you don't need to load up for a 10k. It's only a touch over 6 miles.

  • Unless you're planning to take longer than 90 minutes, carb loading won't help.  Also, the night-before-pasta-party is pointless beyond being a nice social event that takes the worry out of finding somewhere to eat - it's too late for any carb-loading benefit.

  • No need at all to carbo load. Just enjoy your meal.
  • Well that was conclusive LMAO.

    So glad I posted this, I think I will change my ideas then and have a salad and water.

    Thanks all.

  • Two things;

    1. No-one should ever eat a salad as a meal.

    2. At least two ales the night before a race.

  • I find a couple of pints of decent beer ensures that I'm properly hydrated for a 10k.
  • And if you can't find decent beer, you have to drink more of it to ensure you get the right amount of nutrients. If all you can find is cooking lager you'll need at least 12 pints image

  • What's wrong with stopping for a beer half way round image ...yeah that's it no PB if you do...image

  • Sensible dinner and a glass of wine.  Sensible breakfast in the morning.  Thats all you need

  • I don't even do breakfast. Works for me - but I rarely have breakfast.

    (unless I'm in a hotel and then its a full english)
  • Even before a race ? Cougie 

  • Yep. And PB'd on this strategy on sunday. Spin class first thing, then a 10k. Mo Farah will be copying my ideas soon I reckon...
  • I didn't have a breakfast when I got my last 5k PB either. Parkrun is just too early for me to get up and have breakfast and let it settle properly. Plus they do fantastic breakfasts in a café at the one I go to so it would be a shame not to have one after....

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