PSOF Championships 2014 - Ironman France



  • Well too late now - Entry confirmation email received!! image Tres Bon! 


  • .

  • Halfway there on the savingimage

  • Cake we've never met but you have my condolences,

  • I start saving today. Hopefully they'll have places left for ages. It may take a while to save enough pennies image

  • Matt I feel your painimage it's not so much the entry fee it's all the other stuff that adds up I usually plan on approx £1300 for each IM, entry, hotel, travel , wear on kit, nutrition  etc and this is a tight year with 2 kids st Uni and some major family stuff going on image so I want to make sure I can do the lot before I enter ......or sell a kidneyimage

  • I'll never forget watching the mass swim start at Nice. It was an incredible goosebumpy moment. 

    Even as a weak swimmer, I would be sad to see them go. 

    I hope you guys get to enter Matt and RBMax. I'm sure it won't fill too quickly, certainly not with all the talks about heart atack and drowning at the IM races! image

  • If anybody is keeping a keen eye on the entries can they shout when it gets near fullimage

  • £1300!!! Jeepers. I may not make it alla t that rate image especially not with an upocming merger, new T's&C's and a whole lot of uncertainty image

    I guess I'll jsut have to find a way image

  • Ridgebackmax wrote (see)

    If anybody is keeping a keen eye on the entries can they shout when it gets near fullimage

    + 1

  • £1300 is my conservative estimate 400 entry, 300 hotel, 300 flights thats a grand definate no argument oh and some spendy money say 300 min for meals etc THEN bung in wear n tear tyres,chain , shoes, sports drink, gels, pool fees etc and the hidden cost whacks it up a cheap sport it aintimage


    But i would rather do Nice than pee it up against a wallimage

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    Dave The Ex- Spartan wrote (see)
    Ridgebackmax wrote (see)

    If anybody is keeping a keen eye on the entries can they shout when it gets near fullimage

    + 1

    good to see you're as bad as me and Pebble in the retirement stakes.....image

  • That was a brilliant drone camera film.

    Now im thinking Pirate Drone camera, we even have our own budding amateur director. Good excuse for the captain to buy a new toy!

    OMG it doesnt bear thinking about. 

  • Well it is a nice part of the world, and I've only retired twice image

  • Any idea why when trying to transfer an injured friend's entry from IM Wales to France next year... France isn't shown in the list of available transfers??

    Policy states that any races after August can be transferred to a Euo/African race before the next July. Currently it only gives Lanza and SA as the full IM options, with all of the half options... including France.

    The race isn't full.. it is in June... so I would have expected him to be able to transfer?

    (this post was made without doing the sensible thing and contacting IMW to find out the answer... probably a much more sensible answer, and probably much more quicker)


    (this post was definitely definitely not made because I am thinking about joining him and you guys there! Most almost absolutely maybe definitely not!)


  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    I doubt any of us can answer that, GB, you/your friend needs to take it up with them.

  • (I know... just registering a lurking interest image)

  • I believe IM france this year will be televised on Sunday morning on channel 4. Just noticed it on the listings. Thought you guys might like to record highlights if going next year.


  • Thanks Bin Man. 

    Will be good to see what we're letting ourselves in for 

  • i imagine they will not let you enter for the first few days as they won't want you tranferring ti a race that might fill up..they would prefer you to have to transfer to one with definite spaces image


    to add to the cost of overseas ironmen.there are hotel insurance......airport parking and overnight accomodation near the hotel......extra bike coverage.and a lot of money for food as you can't take your food and camp like you can over here..........

  • On that note:

    I've been quiet and done a lot of thinking/discussing with the OH - basically decided that whilst we could probably afford it I don't want to go overseas this year. His work may change this year, if it does we'd be stuffed both financially and possibly he wouldn't be able to make it. 

    I was really gutted. 

    Then - (on a postive note) I found, what I think is, channel 4's coverage of the Outlaw last year. I'm super excited about that, as is he. And WHEN I finish the Outlaw, and prove I can do it, it will make the outlay on a foreign IM seem more sensible image

    I am however looking forward to all the updates image over the year. 

  • Medic.. you do realise we are talking about next year? image

  • Medic do what I am doing it shouldn't fill till Xmas? Squirrel away the pennies then see how you stand then?

  • Errr....

    I noticed that its open for entries.

    450euro plus 6%fees to


  • has been for a week OC!  best get your credit card out!! 477 in total! 

  • Thanks guys.

    Thing is that I can afford it (just!) That's fine. But he might not be able to, and I can't subsidise him. So I'm going to spend a lot of time training, which he does totally support, but I don't want to also end up going on my only holiday of the year without him (a real risk).

    Basically if I do Outlaw I can still afford another holiday with the OH. I don't want to miss out on that next year. After triathlon he's definitely the most important thing in my life image

  • MG fairy snuff family first everytimeimage

  • Thanks image

    Without meaning to be soppy he is a brilliant support whilst having zero interest in competing in triathlons.

    Oh and if I go to Outlaw - my mum gets to come! She won't leave the dog and he's too old for a Nice trip. She used to run marathons and enjoys watching me do triathlons. She's always rather smug that her PBs (set in her 40s/50s) are better than mine in my 20s. image

  • soooo.


    I'm in




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