I've been running for just over 2 months now and I was wondering the more experienced runners reckon the average speed of a new runner like me should be so I've got an idea of whether I'm slow, steady or fast.

Also, any other new runners - what is your average speed?

I'm concentrating on just being able to run steadily at any distance at the moment but I'd like an idea of speeds anyway. Thanks.


  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Beth, that's a very difficult question to answer as a lot depends on what you were doing before you started running, how fit you are, your age, weight, etc

    How fast do you run at present?
  • Hi Beth,

    It's such a difficult thing to predict. Many new runners cannot run but use a walk/run technique to build up to a 30 minute jog. I started in May having never run before but with a good cardio-vascular fitness. I ran then (and still do) 10 min miles on road, 11 on cross country. However over that time I've improved my endurance. I would have no qualms entering a half marathon and run 8 miles regularly.

    Its a personal thing, Beth. Look at your ability all round and decide what is important to you, and set personal goals to achieve it.

    I would love to run a 9 min mile, but also be able to run and complete a marathon. They are my personal goals.
  • I run at 8 - 8.5km per hour approx.
    I do 5 - 5.5 km in 35 minutes.
    I wasn't greatly fit beforehand. I started gymming it (treamill 3 times a week)in February but didn't hit the road until August. I started by doing walk/run intervals.
    I run 5/6 times a week now.

    How do I being getting faster? I couldn't possible imagine going much faster than this without conking out! ha ha

  • Beth
    Similar thread on the URWFRC forum 'How fast do you run" - answer we have all sorts of speeds over all sorts of distances on the forum, interesting to get some benchmarks.
  • i run faster than you but have been running for an extra month
  • i run faster but i did start running a couple of weeks before you
  • the second posting sounded better but now that i've postted twice it looks like i over think things -damn
  • i'm still not happy with that posting. it should have read:

    i run faster but started running a couple of weeks before you
  • or alternatively:

    i'm faster than you but started running a couple of weeks earlier

    -still not happy
  • Blahblahblah - you certainly live up to your nckname...he he
    Anyway, I have been guaging my distances based on how far I do on the treadmill in 35 minutes (which is 5 kms), however, I took the car around my regular route yesterday and found out that I am running further than I thought.

    Measuring the route I take shows that I run between 6.5 and 7 kms in 35 minutes.
    The actual distance/speed all depends on the heat and humidity affects (it's getting cooler here in Dubai now thankfully).
    7.5 miles per hour then approx.

    So, maybe I'm not as slow as I thought???

  • Beth
    7.5 mph in Dubai heat!!!!!
    Girl, what are worrying about???
    Keep up the good work!
  • I've just started running again after a 6 year gap. I used to be reasonably quick (92 mins for 1/2 marathon), but now need to take a sleeping bag out with me, just in case. Anybody got any good speed work exercises that will show improvement in 5 weeks (planning to do Gosport Half Marathon in November)

    PS - I don't do treadmills, only road and forest land running.
  • Try this run fast for 30 secs then jog for 30 sec recovery(repeat 6 times)run fast for 1 min then jog for 1 min recovery(repeat 4 times)run fast for 1.5 mins then jog for 1.5 mins recovery(repeat 4 times)run fast for 1 min then jog for 1 min recovery(repeat 4 times)run fast for 30 secs thes jog for 30 secs recovery(repeat 6 times)Do a 1-1.5 mile warm up and 1-1.5 mile cool down.This may not work for you but by using this session i have cut my half marathon times from 1hr 45 min to 1hr 30 mins, so good luck
  • Beth,

    I also started running in August. (after a 20 year break) I re-started, thinking I was still 12, but soon discovered I'm not!!

    I currently run 2 or 3 times a week,(depending on how my knees feel) between 3 and 5 miles. I usually cover 3 miles in about 25 mins.

    I look forward to comparing improvement over the coming months!!
  • Hi Shruff,

    I do 7 kms (which is 4.35 miles) on my normal runs in 38 minutes, so it sounds like we are about the same speed at the mo. It's been very humid in the mornings here this week so it's been pretty hard going.

    I have started doing some fartlek once a week. Only started last week so can't tell you how it's helping me improve yet, but it certainly made the time pass by quickly!

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