Tues 18th November

I've stayed up 'specially to post these lyrics, partly for me, partly for Mike S who I feel will either know the band or would like their music.

What: circuit training.
Why: cruel twist of fate means the club now hosts weekly circuit training only 5 mins from my front door meaning my feeble excuses not to go will fall on deaf ears.
Last hard: last night.

Bye for now.


  • Morning All... Or good night in some cases.

    What : 10K
    Why : Because finally running pain free... Yippee!
    Last Hard: NYC Marathon (2 weeks)
    Last rest: Lots over the last two weeks.

    Finally after 5 weeks plus of injuries feel that I've turned the corner, no doubt will stop feeling depressed now! Need a new target to aim for..... Two Oceans, Capetown in April sounds a bit tempting!

    Happy running
  • Goodmorning,

    Haven't posted for a few months now, but have been running 10k five times a week.

    Today will be my first longer run.

    What: 15k
    Why: trying to get some longer runs in prep. for the Rotterdam Marathon

    Last Hard: can't remember
    Last rest: Sunday

    Happy running everyone
  • Morning.

    What - 5 miles am, pm 6 miles

    Why - work commitments limits my time this evening

    Last hard - Sunday

    Last rest - 25 days.
  • morning all,

    not posted for a week or so as had a blasted virus on the PC. All gone now tho'.

    After a couple weeks rest following Dublin followed by a weeks worth of flu i'm now back to full strength.

    what : rest
    why : shattered from last night
    last hard : yesterday. club night. brisk 5miles followed by hill reps. calfs still on fire!
    last rest : sunday

  • Nice to have you back Annemieke.

    What: am 4M easy, only planned this last night at around 9:30!
    pm 8M steady or Max HR test

    Why: it has to be done but only in some reasonable weather!

    Last hard: Sat
    Last rest: Mon

    go snail!
  • Morning,
    Managed 1/2hour fairly hard at weekend before my knee began hurting again. Think I might need a trip to the physio. Started looking for a road bike but still got fingers crossed my knee will sort itself out. Might try 20 mins tonight and build on that.
  • Morning all.

    What: 5 miles easy (10 min/miles, HR 127)

    Why: Building up mileage, pre-FLM training

    Last Hard: Wednesday

    Last Rest: Sunday

    Off to work now.
  • Morning All,

    Laura, great going on the interval session, there's nothing quite like it to get your HR through the roof. BTW, there's no way on earth that we followed the Kentmere horseshoe route accuarately as we were lost within 5 mins of starting and spent the first 30 minutes of the running jumping over walls and wading through bogs until we found the path ;-)

    Forgot to mention one of the key reasons for our weekend in the lakes was to attend the premier of Joe Simpson's movie, "Touching the Void" at the Kendal Mountain Film Festival. It's great, but done in a documentary style rather than as a movie. Well worth a look, but as with many of these adaptations, pales by comparison to the book. The man himself was there to take questions following the film which was extraordinary.

    What: 10M brutally hard club run. Judging by the state of my lower half I'll be off the back before we get out of the clubhouse!
    Why: It's Tuesday
    Last hard run: Sat + Sun
    Last rest day: Friday
  • Morning all,

    What: 9 miles jog done, 5 at lunchtime and another 9 tonight all VERY slow. (Same yesterday).
    Why: post-marathon recovery days
    Last hard: Sunday
    Last rest: 13 days

    Legs a bit more sore after this marathon than previous ones, probably due to hills and faster pace. Current runs are little faster than walking pace - but I think this is the best way to recover from very hard runs.

    Great runs & reports Bod & MM.

    Stickless - hope you are up and about soon.

    Have a good one
  • Morning all,

    So finally I'm back. Couldn't post all weekend as was in Brighton, then yesterday could barely get on the forums all day (don't think much of this server upgrade...) So I haven't caught up yet, although I did have a look at Sunday's thread and looks like we had some good results on Sunday.

    So, both Saturday and Monday were days off for me. Which leaves Sunday. Despite my fears given the weather (especially the wind) on Friday, the weather in Brighton was absolutely perfect. Wind wasn't too significant, maybe 4 or 5 mph at most, it was warm and clear, not at all what was expected of a November morning. Remembering last year was rather congested at, I lined up very close to the front, so was over the line in a couple of seconds.

    Brighton course goes out in a straight line for 1.5k, then turns around, goes back past the start, on for another 3.5k, another hair pin bend, and back for the final 3.5k to the start/finish line. I started off a bit too fast, and got to the first turn in 5:20 (km markers were sadly sporadic). Slowed down a bit on the way back, and went through 3k in 5:43. At this point I started to develop a bit of a stitch, so slowed down and did a 4:02 k. Another 3:58 k took me through the half way mark at 19:04 (which is a 5k PB by 2 seconds).

    Feeling quite good now I picked up the speed a bit and got to the second bend at a decent pace (can't remember the splits). One nice thing about Brighton is getting to see the runners ahead of you and behind you a couple of times - I saw one guy from my club a good way ahead of me, and there was no way I was going to let him beat me. Started to push on harder, picking off people one at a time. Realised at 8k that a good PB was in the offing. Carried on pushing on, overtook my club mate with about 800m to go and started to move into sprint finish mode. Did the last two k in 7:22, and crossed the line with a mighty PB of 38:17!

    Very pleased with this, as PB previously was 39:01, and I did 39:51 on this course last year. So a big step forward. I think I could actually have broken 38 minutes yesterday if I'd started off a bit slower and pushed more evenly - I felt a lot more comfortable during the race than I normally do, and finished feeling very strong. But given that I was hoping for 38:30, and not really expecting to get that, I am very happy indeed with 38:17. That also takes me over the key 70% level in the WAVA gradings...

    So, FLM training officially starts tonight, although I am doing a 5k tomorrow to try to set a more sensible 5k PB than half way through a 10k race.

    What: 10 - 12 miles easy
    Why: mileage building
    Last hard: Sunday
    Last rest: Monday

    Sorry about the long missive everyone!
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Woo! Funny old couple of days on this site..

    MM - I got lost starting the Kentmere Horseshoe too a few years ago - ended up having to do a somewhat pant-wetting scramble to get back on track. You lucky thing going to the Kendal Film Festival - I last went in 1999 and had such a great time.

    REally want to see the Joe Simpson film ...not sure it will ever make it over here ...which is a shame

    What: 600 m swim (done), six or seven miles w/ some sort of intervals tonight
    Why: 10k pb wanted!
    LAst hard: Last night - 10 miles on unlit coastal paths at marthon pace. Didn't feel hard at the time, but all I wanted to do afterwards was sleep.
    Last rest; Saturday

    Have a good day,everyone!

  • Still having trouble with my calf muscle in right leg and had to cut short my planned 60 mins on Sunday - only 30 mins, was not happy! Rested yesterday and might even rest today but I should be doing:

    What: very easy (slow) 30-40 mins then lots of stretching
    why: aiming to follow marathon training schedule that has today as an easy day/and don't want to hurt my leg too much
  • What: Had planned to run 6 miles of fartlek at lunchtime today but got overtaken by work. Now planning a track session instead- probably do Yasso 800's instead aiming to keep below 2:50.

    Why: Planning a hard week this week before tapering next week in preparation for Hayling 10.

    Last hard: Sunday

    Last rest: Yesterday
  • Well finally got on to the forum.

    What gym day which included 30 mins on the treadmill base training. Out again this evening for another 4 miles.

    Why: having an easier week after half marathon on Sunday.

    Last rest: yesterday.

    Last hard: Half marathon on Sunday. Next race x-country on Sunday, we are last to go and its been raining and it will be muddy. Any tips.
  • did me 4 miles this morning
    well, 4.3 in 43 mins

    kepp forgetting to run slowly

  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Jane M - do you have spikes or studded shoes? - pretty essential, I think.

    And don't wear white socks. That's my tip!
  • Lizzy B, the production crew said there'd be a DVD of "Touching the Void".
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Oh hurrah - then I can watch it when I'm on the turbo trainer. I think feeling some pain is essential for the viewing enjoyment. ;)
  • LizzyB I have trail shoes, spikes are not recomended as some of the course is on paths. My running socks are all white and black.

    Hippo well done on the continued 10 min miling. How are you feeling with it?
  • er, well, its hard
    So i need to slow down again
    I was angry yesterday, which didnt help

    Im sure tomorrow ill be back to 12 min miles
  • Did 6 miles steady @ 80% heart rate this morning and it felt good. Nice to up the pace from base once or twice a week.

  • Afternoon all!

    This must be a record for me - 8 hours between waking and hitting the forum...

    What: 6m done

    Hard gym session to do.

    (BT - you cheated, you only went 2/3 of the way!)

  • Afternoon all,

    What: Nothing

    Why: Felt nauseous yesterday lunchtime but thought a run might clear it up. Wrong, had to cut the route from 6.5m to 5.5m after almost throwing up twice. Added to this is started to rain half way through. Got back shivering and have been in bed ever since.

    (The only positive was that I did the 5.5m at 7:30 pace with the usual average 145 bpm)

    Last hard: 15 days
    Last rest: 22 days ago (before today)
    7 day cumulative mileage: ~24m (and dropping)

    I reckon I'll be housebound for a a few days, although I might wander out to see the Bush cavalcade come down the A4 tonight.
  • What: nothing
    Why: have youngest (8) child at home sick so feeling a little like a caged animal at the moment...pacing. My little boy seems to be improving tho so should get out tomorrow (or even tonight if hubby gets home early enuf
    What: should be speed work today
    Last hard: 13m club run on Sunday
    Last rest: yesterday
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Hi all,

    Thank God the forums are back! Was starting to go crazy by mid-afternoon yesterday!

    What: 6 miles @ 155-160 bpm.
    Why: Slight deviation from base training but still just below lactate threshold.
    Last hard: Lond Sunday run. Run itself wasn't really hard, but finding pit-stops along the way was pretty tricky. Found a pub quite easily for the first one, but the open church hall for the second was a total flash of inspiration (desperation!) on my part. I guess I won't be having cheese on toast as a pre-run lunch again.
    Last rest: Saturday.

    Had v. interesting recovery run last night, as discovered that after about the first mile, there had been a power failure and there were no shop lights, street lights or any other kinds of lights for the rest of the run. It was good that I was running slowly or I'd probably have tripped over something - even so, the run was even slower than usual!
  • afternoon all

    appreciate the effort Laura - but I don't recognize the lyrics!

    no need to apologise for that report Venom - and certainly not when it's an account of a PB!

    what: not sure. Training with Wirral AC runners (though I suspect the GB international will be on her way to Japan for Chiba Ekiden either already or very soon) - so it certainly won't be base building.....

    why: it's Tuesday

    last hard day: Fri maybe; more likely last Tuesday
    last rest day: Mon

    feeling a bit more upbeat about running. Still not back to peak form, but have got thru 2 weeks & recorded some solid mileage without knee deteriorating. Looking forward to tonight.
  • ah, nice to catch up again on people's training posts.

    What: 1k swim, cardio work in gym (rower, bike, bit of hill running on tready but not much)
    Why: sodding big blister on my heel due to new runnnig shoes not quite as well worn in as i thought (resisting urge to pop it!)
    Last hard: Sat
    Last rest: Fri

    Enjoy! Hope to catch Void too some time, some place.
  • Hi All

    Last Rest - Yesterday am, no forum at all
    Last hard - this am was like typing through treacle.

    As for running - 8/9m with club tonight

  • afternoon...

    last hard - that beautifull 10k run in brighton Sunday

    Rest - jacuzzi yesterday to recover with the day off work

    Treating myself tonight to another rest before I think about marathon training - eeeeek!

  • Venom, somehow failed to see your post last time through. Absolutely brilliant run, nice one, that's a huge chunk to take off a 10K PB.

    Brewster, well done to you too.

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