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  • Good running, great reading Venom.

    Hippo, seems you're beginning to make a habit of this 10m miling lark. I don't think I do do 10min miles, but I certainly have fast and slow speeds. Do you ever try mixing them up? I find I can build up both speed and the distance I can maintain same if I decide that a certain patch I will put the brakes on, and another I will notch the speed up to fast, and then a bit more. I was getting somewhere with that, I think, before I broke.

    That's coming on. Thanks for all your good wishes folks, it seems to be working. Able to reach my feet to put real shoes on this afternoon.

    Got to the pool this morning for exercises. I think I had made a fundamental mistake - getting keen on regarding swimming as a workout, rather than pool exercises as a thrice weekly must. Started getting to the pool only once or twice a week, when I had time and energy to swim train. Probably the recipe for disaster. I should know this by now.

    Also spent all last week in overdrive, preparing for a talk last Saturday, so it's possible that some of the problem was not simple mechanical failure but lurgy-inflammation related.

    Who cares. It's getting better. Thanks folks.
  • Evening all (well, afternoon, but it's dark so I reckon that's evening!)

    Had trouble logging on earlier in the day, so late with the post again.

    What: 8m easy
    Why: base building/easy week
    last hard: Thursday
    last rest: Sat & Sun

    Interesting effect of base training: I run without a HRM, so my definition of 'easy' or 'steady' is the old perceived effort method. I'm definitely feeling easier at faster paces: did 8m in 1:00 this morning, so 7:30 per mile, which is what I would have called steady a couple of months ago. I'm definitely starting to see how this improved aerobic fitness will help me go faster when I start to bring the speedwork back in.

    Hope everyone's having a good day. Happy running (or resting!).
  • evening all

    what:gym session am
    treadmill 18% incline 20 mins(tone bum)
    steppa 30 mins
    weight training squats/lunges/step ups

    It has been absolutely chucking it down with rain all day but hope to go out tomorrow for a steady run or maybe intervals on the gym treadmill!
    Happy running

    tiny tiaxx
  • Afternoon! Good to be able to get on the forum again!

    Stickless-don't forget you did a marathon only a few weeks ago and that also takes time to recover from! Glad you're on the mend!!

    Venom-excellent pb, well done!

    MM-sounds like you had an interesting run over the weekend! I always think it's fun getting lost!

    Erratic-I too have blisters on both heels from new shoes. Yesterday they were so sore I could hardly get my shoes on. Went for a run last night and one burst-ouch! so when I came home I applied lavender oil and popped the other one to apply oil and today they feel fine! Painful for a few hours though!

    Anyhow back to today

    what:club run today, relays I think
    why:speed play with others
    last hard:haven't done any real hard runs for a while, but last nights off road run with son was rather fast (for me anyhow just to keep him in sight!)
    last rest:Sat
  • Great run Venom - it's nice to whack great chunks off a pb!

    Mrs BR feels a bit tired and achey tonight so I've nobly offered to go and represent the family at club night.

    20 mins tempo run - my favourite session! Yippee!

    Will go and smooth her pillows before packing my kit.
  • Hello everybody.

    45 minutes X country in hilly woods today, at lunchtime. It was soooo warm!!
  • what a selfless action, BR! I'm very impressed ;-)
  • So very thoughful BR! Enjoy club night!
  • evening

    3miles in just under 24 mins. sure on time but not on distance - should be longer, but who can argue with trailgauge.

    Ice'd already and feeling more relaxed than usual.


  • Good race Venom, with the training you've started to put in that time should come down some more.

    Snail, I know, I'm sorry
    <<<Big Tim hangs his head in shame as Snail leads the way again>>>

    Well I did my max heart rate test & only got up to 168, sure I must be able to go higher. Oh well it will have to do I'm sure it will go to the max in coming weeks ;-)
  • No running today
    plan for a 4 miler tomorrow after the gym.
  • Stickless
    Glad youre better

    im trying NOT to run fast though
    im doing that B thing
  • You can say it hips

    Be proud!
  • Congratulations Venom on a cracking performance and to Laura on discovering the pleasures of interval training again!

    What: Well after 4 weeks of gentle running with no speed work decided to blow out the cob webs and do a tempo run of 9 miles with 4 middle miles at half marathon pace (3:37 per km). Had late night with work commitment yesterday so ended up doing this on treadmill rather than outdoors as was not up early enough. Struggled a bit but happy to complete.

    Why: Time to start the hard work again in build up to FLM.

    Last rest: 11 days ago

    Last hard before today: Amsterdam

    BR - route suggestion for Sunday sounds great. What time you thinking off setting off - all fine by me?

  • It's just not good enough, BT!

    promises, promises! And luring me OUT of bed under false pretences - how bad does it get?!

    Off to gym now - not looking forward to it. Definitely looking fwd to curry afterwards though :-) Somebody planned very well, putting the Indian restaurant bang opp the gym, so that's the first thing you smell as you walk out afterwards!!

  • We could do the same thursday?
  • Evening,

    Congrats Venom, superb PB, nice report.
    Well done Brewster too.

    Stickless, glad you're feeling better.

    MM - it's easy to get lost up there.

    Whom mentioned PC virus? Signed smug Apple Mac user.

    Mike, lyrics were a bit obscure, the Eels, 'Efil's God'. off Electro-shock blues, mostly in the best throat slitting tradition! I know you'd love it.

    Got to my first circuit training session in approx 16 years to find we were doing bleep tests, excuse me but didn't we already die last night? Baled out at level 11/9 whatever that means, still I wasn't first. Max hr of 206 achieved second night on the trot, that's enough of the old VO2 max workout for this week surely.

  • Evening All

    What: 10k at 8.3 min miles due to chest infection
    why: trying to run out chest infection breathing is still quite a struggle.

    Well done Venom on your PB
  • Hi everyone

    What: 3 x [4 x (400 hard - 50m jog - 200 hard - 100m jog)] with the 400s in 70-71s and the 200s in around 32 seconds each, on grass.

    Why: Club night - speedwork

    Last Hard: Sunday

    Last Rest: 22 days
  • Still nothing - back getting better though. Ankle is starting to play up again - just in time for the serious FLM training :-(
  • Hope your chest infection clears soon Angelis. Take it easy, you really should not run with a chest infection!

    Quite a tough club session tonight. Did approx 7 miles with 1 X 1 mile rep at flat out race pace followed by the rest of the session at tempo pace! Tried to stay as close to the front as possible and really felt like I was working hard.

    Good though!
  • Best wishes FF for a speedy recovery!
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    No pillow smoothing here BR, I dragged Mrs W down the club tonight. She dosen't mind really, she has dropped a dress size in the last year on 3 runs a week.

    So 4 miles easy with the Mrs who then decided to take a slightly shorter route home from me. I did the last 3 miles at near race pace to catch up with the lads at the front. A run of two halves then!

    Summary, 5 miles am, 7 miles pm.

    I consider that splendid PB time a gauntlet laid down Venom! You are now nearly half a minute ahead of me over 10k. Well done and keep improving!
  • Phew!

    Ended up doing a 800/1000/1200/1000/800 pyramid session on the track. Managed to maintain 80 sec laps to the end which I was pretty pleased with.

    Nice to do something different (and competitive!) for a change.

    Night all...........
  • Venom; exellent time. You will never know if you could have done better and taking over 1m 30s off your previous PB will leave you on a high for a while!!

    Northern exile; what is (yasso 800's)?

    Chip T M; very brave hoping a run will cure your nausia. Get well soon.
    Tina tia; are you sure you ran at 18% on the teadmill? I have a 'professional' treadmill which has a max incline of 12%. Didn't know you could get more than that.

    BR If I'd know you were club tempo running, I'd have joined you.

    What 6x 1 km @ 0.5%incline and max treadmill pace, (so called 18kph).
    Why; first speedwork for 6 months!
    (and probably the last for 6 months)
  • Treadmill, tried ringing you at 6 o'clock but no answer. You people who are tied to your job!

    Did 9 miles including a 20 min run @ threshold HR. Felt good.
  • Treadmill-Yasso 800's are 800 repeats done at the time you expect to a marathon in. So if you were hoping to do a marathon in 2.45 you would aim to do your 800's in 2.45 with the same jog recovery inbetween. The aim is to start of by doing 5 and being able to run 10 by the time it comes to tapering for the marathon.

    They were named by some guy who works for RW (USA I think)name I think Bart Yasso or similar, who has seen this method work for all levels of runners to achieve their marathon time.

    I did them last year in my FLM training and feel they were beneficial!
  • Club night & a return to running for me after 2 weeks injured. Lower calf still swollen & stuggled to maintain 8.5 min miling for 4 miles, that's bad but at least i ran again. Need to continue to take it easy and trust that some hard work when fit will get me back to better times.

    Last hard: Dublin

    Laura - that training sounds mental!
  • Treadmill you can read about Yasso's on this site

  • evening all

    Angelis - I agree with Hilly - if you really do have a chest infection (and not just a cold), you're taking a real risk, even at a gentle pace.

    Wirral AC session tonight was lamppost intervals tonight on Hoylake promenade - ho hum. As mentioned elsewhere, I'm not that fussed on very short interval work.
    4 fast (i.e. 200m), 2 recovery when going upwind, 4 fast, 1 recovery coming downwind (and it was a classic brisk sou-westerly tonight, which made it pretty damn hard going upwind).
    Upwind & downwind for 2400m each, final effort being an accelerating (well, sort of) 800m back upwind once more.

    Bracketed by 1½ miles warm-up and warm-down.

    No hiding place tonight either, with almost everyone present as fast or faster (or in better nick) than me. HR hit the high 170s for the first time since racing last month.

    GB international was present, and holding nothing back. Think she flies out to Japan Thursday.
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