Tues 18th November



  • Sounds a good session to me Mike! I know what you mean about the wind, we have our monthly club time trial along the prom and the wind often plays havoc making the session far harder than it should be!

    I've just checked the County web site and am pleased to see even though I missed the last race on Sunday I've finished 5th lady overall out of 188 women! Even if I'd raced I couldn't have improved my position so very pleased with that.
  • yes but i bet you felt good after mike

    You know, the black country is a funny place
    now its dark and nasty, im seeing LOADS of runners out and about
    they all say hello
  • Well run Mike.

    Hilly, keep soldiering on.
  • Hippo - not too bad. Will sleep q well.
    Loads of runners out now it's dark....hmmm....maybe take a crucifix and garlic out with you, just in case?

    Been checking through rest of thread - sounds like you had a fair old outing too Hilly. Congratulations on your final overall placing.

    Also Laura - never done a bleep test, but would be interested to see how long I'd last.

    FF - sorry to read of your troubles - you haven't had too much luck fitnesswise in the last couple of months have you?
  • They dont have THEM in the blak countroi do they?

    wanders off to liquidise black puddin
  • Hilly: i couldn't have explained the Yasso's any better myself!

    If I had a PA who dealt with my post as efficiently as you I could stay at home all day ;-)

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