Plantar fasciitis suddenly gone?

Those of you who have had PF in the past, did it just suddenly disappear or go away gradually? I've had PF since last June, quite badly. In the last couple of weeks I did start to think it was starting to get a little better, but this week it just seems (touch wood, not wanting to jinx anything) to have suddenly disappeared! 

is this likely or am I being too hopeful? image


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Some injuries appear to do just that. They sit there sulking away with no apparent change or improvement, and then in the space of a couple of days just fade away.


  • I've had PF in both feet. The first time it hung around for 9 months before being sorted out by custom orthotics. The second time it cleared up after a only a few weeks.

    I discovered trigger point therapy the second time and it worked really quickly. Never had more than a slight niggle since and it's sorted out in no time with a bit of dig around in my calf muscle.

  • Thanks guys, have been observing how it feels in the morning, the usual pain and stiffness have definitely gone, so might try getting out for a talentless run tomorrow image


  • I found that it went away when I changed jobs and only spent half the day on my feet instead of the whle day.

    It comes back occasionally when I do something stupid like go for a long walk in shoes that aren't supportive, so drastically increase my mileage as a one off session

    Once it started to heal up it was gone within about 3 weeks, but ached after running occasionally

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