As a new member to this forum I am amazed by the positivity and inspirational comments. It really is a good place to visit to gain your daily motivation.

i thoroughly enjoyed the updated on the Lanza Ironman as the live feed kept failing for me but with the comments on this forum I was able to keep up to date.

i have set myself an ambition timetable for the next 18 months and will need lots of encouragement and motivation to achieve it but there seems to be plenty of that on here.

keep up the great work ladies and gents.

take care and keep smiling




  • sorry for the typos! My big fat fingers are not good for on screen keyboards

  • You haven't heard about the initiation rituals ....

  • So ... you'll be signing up for Ironman france next year then?


  • image

    You must be going on different threads to me....

  • Great to hear some positive feedback and that you liked the updates on the IM Lanzarote thread. 

    There are lots of people here who will be willing to help and inspire you on your journey and youll be treading a path all of us have done at different times in the last few years.

  • Welcome aboad ..... you'll like France   image

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭


    Welcome aboard!

  • I said I wasn't racing long next year due to other commitments. Why am I so tempted by France?! image

  • An 18 month timetable should always start with a major Euro Ironman... image

  • My plan was to do Wales but now France has been suggested I am very tempted! Also I can book France in  June before the wife gets a chance to spend the money so it might be the safer option. 

    My new bike is yellow and black so the bike will have pirate colours even if I don't! 

    It would be my plan reduces to 13 months but that's not a problem and even better in some respects as give me more time to plan so other silly event as well!

    who has done France before and what is the course like?

  • 13 months is more than enough time. I don't know if you've done your first Tri yet, but a good step would be to do your first event this summer even if that is a sprint as that experience will stand you in good stead through the winter and into next year.

    Race experience is good at any level...and it should always be done with a smile image

  • For race experience I am entered into 4 events over the coming months. They are all organised by the local council and involve 400m pool swim, 12.5 km bike and 3 mile run. are they considered sprint or are they too short? I figured that any experienctube better then none so got to be good.

    any hints on tips for try first one which is this coming Sunday?

  • Which events are those TWM? And are you still in Wales?

  • Pembrokeshire council organise what they call a Go-Tri series in different locations around the county. Sundays is in Fishguard.

  • Ah, ok, I done my 1st tri down Llanelli last Sunday, it's a buzz, you'll love it. Next one for me is pendine sands on the 15thimage.    All I'll say is enjoy every moment of it.

  • looking forward to it but terrified of the swim! After that is out the way I intend to enjoy it! Pendine is not too far for me .... Might look into that as well !

  • Could do the long course weekend in July for experience image

  • Yep, what they said, I'm signed up for all of it in July, mind you, after my dire performance at my 1st attempt at ows at Llanelli, I'm wondering whether I'd get around a 3.8 km swim. There are shorter options though and you could just pick and choose which to do. Ie 1.9 km/180km/21km.

  • 1st Triathalon completed and although I hated every second of the swim I really enjoyed the bike and run! Next one in eight weeks time so looking forward to it.

    any suggestions of any books on improving a swim technique as I can't make lessons due to babysitting duties at the time swim lessons are locally.


    Have a look at the above website, lots of useful tips and Mr Swimsmooth is excellent for babysitting   image

  • I'd 2nd swimsmooth. Also, in Haverfordwest west offer a video stroke analysis service.

    congrats on popping your cherry. I bet you'll spend the evening thinking about where you can shave minutes off your time ready for the next one. I did image

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