Waiting all Night Video

Man. Has anyone seen this YouTube Video it's shocking and very also a very effective video with a good ending.

I was in bed this morning and I heard the song 'Waiting all night' playing in my daughter's bed room I

jumped out of bed singing and explaining what happened in the video she said she saw most of it.

She said also that a guy at work said it was great video.

.So I started singing the song to my bemused cat.  Funny enough I was telling my work mates about this video yesterday!

Kurt lost his leg in a 2006 motorcycle accident and has since gone on to prove that life is a game of will power. Besides getting back on a BMX bike, Kurt has turned tragedy into triumph, first getting roles in movies like Saving Private Ryan as an amputee’d extra, to speaking roles in Applebee’s commercials (nothing to do with his leg), and most recently, he was “Greg The Peg” on Sons Of Anarchy. Basically, he’s the man. This Rudimental music video mirrors some of the stuff Kurt had to go through back in 2006


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