Help me decide between two trainers please?

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 I'm just returning to running after a three week break from Patella Tendonitis in both knees. I am gradually going to build back up and I have a Half Marathon and Marathon planned for the end of the yearimage. I will be getting in some long training runs and have done quite a bit of research of the net about the best cushioned trainers on the market which I feel I now need . I am a neutral runner and my decision is between the Mizuno Phrophecy or Asics Nimbus 14 and I really can't decide (& the Mizunos are quite pricey for me to be able to afford both pairs)image. I currently run in Asics Cumulus but these are tired now. What do you think?, I'm rubbish at decisions!image.  I'm really grateful for any comments.Thanks Guys.x


  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    I'd get a gait analysis at a shop and see which pair fits you best. I must admit I hadn't heard of the prophecy model, where as the nimbus is an established model.

    Its probably worh the gait analysis, as if you've developed knee problems in the Cumulus, maybe a neutral shoe isn't right for you?  Added padding may not be the answer ...


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Best to speak to an expert. Self diagnosis could just make things worse!
  • Thanks for the replies guys, just to cover a few points raised. I have had gait analysis done at a running shop and I am a Neutral runner. The Cumulus trainers I wear now I was about to replace before injury and am replacing now for cosmetic reasons ( very dirty & stitching on toes have come away) and I've happily run in these for 9 months with no problems at all. The injury was caused purely by over exertion (doing a very long run one week with no smaller ones before had due to work commitments and after a night shift!, silly I know and I've learnt my lesson big time!) and I felt it straightaway as soon as I finished!. The tendonitis has been diagnosed by Sports Therapists and I started with it on one leg but then got it mild in the 2nd leg from over compensating as I do a physical job so couldn't rest it much (too busy at work!). But it could be worth going in to a shop to see which of the two fits me best I suppose if I was lucky and they had them both in.Numerous research seems to be throwing up these two as good for longer runs and good cushioning so thats why I was deciding. 

     Thanks. :0)

  • Definitely try them on in a shop.  And don't limit yourself to these two - try some Brooks and New Balance as well.  The more you try, the better!  Remember, there is no such thing as 'the best shoes', only the best shoes for you!  And none of us could know what they are!

    Oh, and get some with green on them - definitely this year's colour! image

  • Discount Runner- I did consider Brooks (a few of my running friends who overpronate rave about them) and in my research Ghost 5 and Glycerin 10 came up as good for neutral runners with good cushioning and they retail at a reasonable price too. New Balance I of course have seen but probably rather snootily never really bothered with, I think because most of my running buds have Asics, Mizuno & Brooks maybe I need to be more adventerous and green? imagewell ,ok I'd hate to be not in the running 'in' crowd! imageLol.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Why wouldn't you bother with NB? I've had some really good shoes from them in the past.
  • Millsy- As stated above, I haven't so far just because my running buds at club mainly seem to wear the ones I mentioned  so I have just followed the crowd and I haven't been running a long enough time to try different brands yet, that is not to say I wouldn't try a pair!.

  • 3 of my 4 main pairs of running shoes are New Balance (not that that's a reason for you to get some!) - I like that they are made in Britain and the build quality is better than other brands.  I don't find the heel fit as good as Saucony, but they are far more durable and hard-wearing than say, Asics, which I find to have got worse since they became fashionable.  Like I say, pays to try as many as possible.

  • I will take a look Discount Runner then thank you. I was suprised actually at how quickly my pair of Asics started to need looking like they needed replacing, maybe it is time for a change of brand. I was looking at Saucony last night actually as I came across a forum where someone had asked a similar question to mine (wanted a neutral cushioned, long distance trainer)he was currently running in Nike Vomeros and Saucony Kinvara 3 was  suggested to him a few times, I must say I do like the funky colours in them as I'm looking for something different, I'm sick of boring, get dirty quick, looking shabby, white!.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    I may be getting old but getting ones that fit and are right for you are much more important than the colour. When you are 24 miles in and suffering the last thing in your mind will be how fashionable you are looking.

    But if you can find the correct shoes in a colour you like I would consider that a bonus.
  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Hi Furny, for your research you may find the shoefitr application useful, its available on the website.  This company does 3d scans of shoes and allows you to compare the different fit of each model.  You can't buy from this web site as its US-only (NB remember this when entering sizing as they use US sizes), and its never going to be good as trying the shoes on yourself.

    I'm a big fan of Saucony shoes, but the Kinvara is a completely different shoe to the ones you've previously mentioned (the Triumph is probably the closest equivalent).  However they might be worth trying, as different doesn't mean wrong!

  • Stutyr- Thanks for advice and website. I only quickly looked late last night at the Saucony but I can now see what you mean it is light the Kinvarna and the Triumph really looks the right one.

    Millsy- I would never choose colour over comfort and fit especially returning after double injury, it was mearly a casual comment.The fact I have spent so long researching the right shoes shows that, you do have a way with words in this thread! Lol!.

  • If you wore the Cumulus with no issues why wouldn't you keep using them ?

    I am neutral and heavy and have tried both the Prophecy and the Nimbus and didn't like either. The Prophecy was just too much - to fit the forefoot wave in they have raised the whole shoe higher off the ground which I found made it unstable and gave me knee and hip problems. Stupidly priced as well. The Nimbus I found to be too narrow and soft - I find shoes that are too soft give me knee issues as they don't give enough support. 

    I use the Mizuno Creation now - similar to the Prophecy but with a normal forefoot and just awesome. You have to find what works for you, but don't just assume that's the flashiest, most expensive shoe a manufacturer makes.

    Also looks at Brooks, particularly the Glycerin - great shoe. And Brooks is the biggest selling running brand in America. They are by any measure real running shoes, and very popular here too.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Still running in my Cumulus 12's. All I've changed is the innersole to a cushioned job from the local running shop.

    Just ordered a pair of 14's for £70 from sportsshoes. (can I say that?)

  • dont forget get down to a shop and try,as stated above you will get the feel for the,shoe that is best for you,all of us can only give opinions,i find my ghost 4 have got a narrow toe box for me,i rather my saucony shadows,so like i said only opinions you got to try firstimage

  •  you need to change your running style and shoes. watch this video it explains it all:

  • ben olney 2 wrote (see)

     you need to change your running style and shoes. watch this video it explains it all:


    Typical pompous comment from a barefoot runner - "you NEED to change..."  No he doesn't.  Not everyone has to buy the emperor's new clothes - you've jumped on a bandwagon and this trend suits you - great.  But why assume we are all the same?  

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    I wondered how long it would take fire the barefoot brigade to jump in and preach that their way is the only way.

    BTW I do run in minimal low drop shoes but I wouldn't suggest to anyone that it is the "only way" to run.
  • I love Prophecy - I'm on my 3rd pair. Before that I used Mizuno Creation. 

  • Thanks for all the input guys.

    Marathon Molly- 3rd pair wow!. I 've read reviews and it seems to suggest they are on the small size do you think this is true?. I would order a size up anyway as they are going to be for long runs. What shoe size are you?and what size Prophecy do you wear?. Thanks. :0)

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