Shoes - help

Can anyone help with advice on shrecent loved down south in August of last year and haven't really been running much but the weather and terrain here have finally tempted me out. Having lived in a completely urban environment my shoes are road running model. Now I am running on all sorts road, flint/gravel and mud all in one 3 mile stretch. Is there any shoe that will deal with all three surfaces or am I asking too much? 


Any help would be appreciated as I want to keep going after a long lay off and reduced motivation ????


  • That was supposed to say "help with shoes" sorry

  • Don't get too hung up on having the 'right' shoe - one that's comfortable is probably as important as anything else!

    go for some low profile trail shoes, if you're starting to get off the tarmac. The low profile helps prevent going over on your ankle, the traily sole will provide more grip. Mizuno wave harriers are a cracking shoe, almost a fell shoe but very comfy - if they fit right, of course!

  • Cheers mick. I've always been an asics gal but this being the first set of trail shoes I will ever have thought hadn't got a clue where to start.  

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