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Morning guys,

up to 10 days ago I was training 6 days a week, got to a reasonable 16mph average bike speed and could swim 400 meters in about 9 minutes. I then had a break of five days due to long trip to France (in van). On Tuesday morning went out for a run but a sharp quad pain prevented me from going to Long. Scared but the prospect of injury the next day a clocked 4.5 mile run (easy) and on Friday almost back to normal (10k run in about 50 min). 

I am about to do a brick session + a swim later. Is it going to be too much? Will I have lost my fitness (I had a week in Paris last weeks during those three runs due to work thus didn't eat as healthy as usual).

I would like to upgrade my gears to a two front rings system with the gears change coming out the aero bars and just have the breaks on the handle bars:ncan anyone suggest what to go for please? I have a against defy 4 with aluminium frame. 

Many thanks in advance for your help



  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    Have you got clip on tri bars?    That's as far as it's worth going with a road bike - a full    integrated tri bar set up will make it far less useable for training and if your average is only 16mph you have a lot of scope for big training gains.

  • Popsider, thank you. That's really helpful. I will spend my money on getting the bike fully serviced instead (I don't have time). Anyone knows a reputable bike shop in clevedon / Bristol? Is halfords a waste of money?

    Many thanks


  • Halfrauds wouldn't know a bike if it ran over them. I'm not from Brizzle but I know BikeScience have a shop there. image

  • Thanks The Engineer... I shall look into it.

  • Popsider: is it worth me upgrading my gears? I have three front rings and thinking of getting a two front ring system?

    Thank you

  • Three rings give you lots of gears. Changing them will give you fewer and save a fraction of weight. Maybe consider when you are averaging 18+

    until then you may find you need the little ring on steep stuff. 

  • m..eface, thank you. I shall save my money again and just get the bike serviced.

    thank you 

  • No - it is an expensive way to lose a little bit of weight. You'd not notice any difference apart from you may struggle on hills on a double.

    The triple gives you lower gears.
  • Thanks cougie, I understand. I just need to they the bike serviced 

  • I'm only a little bit quicker. The sages above all speak very wise words, and these folks are truly wise owls. Keep the bike as a stock item, maybe buy clip on tri bars, but certainly get two things sorted:

    - a regular bike service.

    - lots more cycling. Keep building up your long distance session. The further you go, and the more you trash your legs, the better they respond.

  • Thanks Blisters, I shall do that

  • Learn to service the bike yourself. It's very easy. You'll save money and there's less chance you'll be stuck at the side of the road if something goes wrong.
  • Cougie: I can do a little (brakes and that's it actually) but I am not sure what else I would need to check and how... I would love to learn thou...

  • Evans do free courses if there is one near you. 

    Brakes and gears are good things to learn. Something like a bottom bracket can wait. Learning to true a wheel is useful, building one from scratch is less so. 


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