Tips on putting on weight whilst training for a Triathlon


Before starting my training I had lost quite a lot of weight I am 5'8", 19 years old and currently only 50kg image I should really be around the 55kg range of weight (well that was my weight before) I am currently gluten free and have been for the last 5/6 months and also don't eat that much meat only chicken/turkey.

But I am currently really struggling to put weight whilst doing quite a lot of training! Has anybody got any tips on what I can do? Please help!!!!! 


  • Perhaps I'm stating the bleedin' obvious, but perhaps you should eat more?

    You can get plenty of carbs without eating gluten - rice, potatoes, quinoa, etc.  Fruit.

    If all else fails, try chocolate!

  • that is very light for your height....if you are losing more weight then i think you should go to teh GP for some proffessional help......or your training will suffer..

    why are you gluten free out of interest......and why don't you eat much meat.......

    if you don't stop losing weight you will have to stop the training ......which would be un fotunate....

    what are you training for and how much training do you do a week....

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    On a more serious note do you keep track of what you eat? More calories is good but empty calories won't help you recover quickly. Chocolate tastes nice but an extra healthy meal a day will put you in better stead. Sounds like you might be eating small portions anyway if you're losing weight. Beef them up. Not with real beef if you don't want, but with protein and slow release carbs image

  • Also you need a forum name!

  • When I was a rugby player and lifting a lot of weights I found a tin of tuna as a mid-morning snack and cottage cheese and crackers (whole pot) as an afternoon snack helped a lot with upping intake. 

    Wish I had that problem now. 

  • Try chocolate milk as a recovery drink soon after training sessions, a great mix of carbs and protein to back up a hard session, easy to prepare and goes nicely with a banana.

  • I had a similar problem when I took up this exercise malarkey! It took me a while to play about with my diet, but as Engineer says, you need to increase the calorific intake with the right food stuffs to maintain, or increase weight. I used a half strength protein shake supplement for a while, but now find a healthy diet with lots lof lean protein works  much better. Over the last 12 months I've slowly put on 8kg whilst dropping my body fat by 5%.

    As other suggest, trying keeping a food diary for a while, work out your basic calorie use per day - Resting Metabolic Rate - add in your exercise and see if there's a huge difference. There's plenty of websites that can help calculate this for you - they are not particularly accurate, but will give an indication if you are hugely off, or if there is another underlying problem (which I'm sure there isn't).

    And, yes, get a forum name image

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