Pain in inner thigh after running

I finished the c25k program about 6 weeks ago on my treadmill. Shortly after that the first couple of 5ks were no problem at all, however after the third 5k I got a pain in my inner thigh in my left leg after finishing the run.

I do full body stretches before and after running with an emphasis on lower body stretches.

I gave it just over two weeks (up to yesterday) before I ran again. Prior to yesterday's run the inner thigh pain had gone.

About 3/4 of a mile into yesterday's run I could feel the inner thigh pain again in my left leg. I stopped after a mile and did some stretches.

Today it's still pretty painful when I lift my left leg up (the same motion as walking up stairs). My right leg is absolutely fine.

Voltarol gel doesn't seem to do anything for the pain.

Has anyone else encountered this? I was hoping that a couple of weeks rest would help but it doesn't seem to have helped at all.


  • It sounds like a bad case of DOMS. This happens ater exercise, and is your body repairing itself. I would recommend stretching every day regardless of exercise, and make sure you do some dynamic stretches before running (thigs like lunges, and side lunges) as ths warms the muscles up, rather than cooling them down.

    when stretching every day, make sure you get to a point just bfore it hurts, then hold it for 30 seconds. after 30 seconds, this feeling should have disappeared. then you push a little further, and hold foranother 30 seconds. Youshould proably also do some glute exercises, such as squats ensuring you kep your knees over your toes. this will help keep your knees inline when running as your glutes will be able to work. When walking aroun, prten theres a £50 note being held between your bum cheeks.  You'll be working our glutes all day, which will take pressure off other muscles


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