IronMan 70.3 Mallorca '14

Looks like alot of fun.  Any takers?


  • Was an amazing event this year. Seriously tempted by a reprise next year (the year I said I'm not going long image)

  • Well then, I've entered and will be rolling the event into a family holiday.  

    Thanks Engineer for the comments image

  • Anything you need to know, give me a shout! image

  • mallorca is a nice family holiday destination in may after all

  • Engineer - thanks for the offer, appreciate it.

  • Hi...

    Looking at doing this next year.How easy is it to get accommodation etc have people made there own way over or gone with Thomas cook.Do you hire bikes or take your own.Any info much appreciated... Looking at taking family as well

  • There is loads of accommodation in the area so no issues there. I did it in 2011 and arranged my package through Thomson and brought my own bike with me. I had a private taxi transfer booked with them and they made sure the taxi was big enough to take a bike box. Others I met went the budget airline, car hire and book hotel direct route which would probably be the way I would go now. I have taken my bike to Mallorca quite a few times with Jet2 and easy jet and never had any problems. 

  • I signed on to this, as my first HIM, last night...

  • ....better get registered first...half outlaw to hopefully enter this week at same time Mallorca,will be taking family with me was looking at nirvana Europe as well anyone travelled with them

  • Anyone entered

  • Yep.  I have.

  • Irondonkey have you competed before was wondering tt bike or road...just seen on youtube footage of a long best for road bike but don't know about rest of course.
  • I've not done it before although I am planning to use a TT bike.

    Should make for some fun on that decent image

  • i have also entered this.

    I look forward to seeing you there.

  • Have a look at mallorca Ironman 70.3 decent on you tube...looks good

  • Who's going then and how's the training going..........TT bike or road still undecided......what can you take with you on the plane ie gas canisters for flats etc,track pumps...

  • I am going. May 8 to May 13. Probably a bit early in the year in training terms in reality but has got me out a bit before France at the end of June.

    I only have a road bike with clip-on bars, I think looking at profile that there is quite a lot of the course where TT bike would go well. Cannot recall what was favoured on the video. I do not think you can take gas canisters on the plane. At most places there are track pumps but I will probably take one.

    See you there


  • IF you're comfy downhill on it (And there's no reason why you shouldn't be) the you really should take the TT. The course definitely merits it and there's only one long downhill where a road bike would be its equal.

    Take track pump in your bike box and buy CO2 from the expo - there are often stalls that offer a swap for a gel after the race if you don't use it (knowing you can't fly it back).
  • Cheers...flying out 8th til 13th...think it will be TT bike although not done much training on it....looking forward to it although training not gone to plan just have to look at it as a nice race in warm climate for once....

  • Sadly I'm missing this through an RTA related injury which I'm well on the mend for. 

    Good luck everyone doing it. Personally I would have taken my TT bike for this one. 

    Perhaps next year. 

  • Sorry to hear that you say always next year....hope your back on that bike soon..

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