Canterbury Half Marathon August 2013

Does anyone know of any B&B'S or Hotels in walking distance of the start?


  • Cheers for nowt!

  • Cheers for nowt!image

  • James,

    I think the start is at the Rugby club, which on the map appears to be a bit out in the Country.

    New Dover Road has quite a few B&B's which could be about 2 miles away. I also do not know about buses or public transport. Canterbury is quite small so even if you were at the oppostie side a taxi would would not be too expensive.

    If I can be bothered / remember I will take a drive past the start in the next couple of weeks and see what is about there.


  • Hi,


    Had a look at the weekend and I think sticking with the Hotels or B&B's on the new dover road would be best.


    Sorry I cannot be much more help, reasonably new to the area mysefl!


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