Anyone had this knee trouble before? Advice please?

Did an easy 10 miler last Sunday and then a couple of hours later went out with my partner who is quite new to running with the intention of a slow jog round our local parkrun course to help her as she couldn't run it on the Saturday morning and has only managed it once with a run/walk. I managed to jog about 700m when I had a pain in my knee and could barely walk let alone run. Hobbled back to the car and rested up for most of last week. 

I had actually forgotten about this incident completely and ran my local parkrun on Saturday in 20:50 with no noticeable effects. THEN retried to do another easy 10 miler on Sunday. I lasted about 1.5 mile before I got a bit of pain in my knee so I thought I'd just run a short route home. Lasted about another mile then the pain got worse and I could barely walk. Hobbled home and after an afternoon of rest I can walk on it without pain. 

Today my knee aches a bit and I'm very worried. It's not runners knee as I've had that before. Prob going to go to my GP but I'm not sure how much help they'll be. Gonna rest up again


  • In the knee?  Around the knee?  Under the knee?  Any associated pain/tenderness/aching?

    Bit vague for online opinions tbh, so please expand and I'm sure you'll get some really worthy advice. 

  • Sorry in the knee I think, wasnt really isolated to one particular point, it really hurt to bend it when I was hobbling home and the main relief I could get was by keeping my leg straight as possible

  • Hi. sounds exactly the same as what I had matey, could be your iliotibial band. is the pain on the side of your knee? its the band getting tight and rubbing on the bony bit of your knee, I have been off running for 7 weeks with it, had to pull out of sunderland marathon and everything. but it sounds the same lets you get a couple of miles before the pain kicks in. There are loads of posts on here about ITBS i'm actually going to start my own thread in a minute about how I finally got over it. The worst thing you can do is keep going out to test it, every time you run till it hurts you are back to square one for recovery. If you are sensible you can heal yourself in two weeks. but you gotta rest it. Strengthen your glutes and hips, take turmeric tablets (i highly recommend them) and do do what I did and try to keep running! cross train or the bike will keep your fitness up while you recover. check out my post for full details soon. good luck.

  • Actually I explained that wrong, the band doesnt get tight it is the muscles that are attached to the band that are tight and pulling on it. get your self a foam roller and get rolling all your muscles out. hurts like hell but its worth it.

  • 7 weeks??? Bloody hell. I've been out of action for 2 days and its killing me! Good advice about not keeping testing it as that's probably exactly what I'd do tbh. Had a sports massage after running the Sunderland half marathon and that hurt a lot. Thanks for the reply

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