Hey, tired of having to tie your shoe laces? Or cant find shoes that fit comfortably? 



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  • Nick Windsor 4 wrote (see)

    Why invent something to replace one of the easiest things in life to do. It's the equivalent of making a machine to scratch your arse

    Now that would be worth the cash !!


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Naveed has gone very quiet.
  • Thanks for the tip Nick image

  • Judt watched the video - it's more complex than tying your laces!

  • it doesn't answer all my questions.......how do you get them off.how easy is it to untie the lace...............

    also if you cut the excess lace then you have no ends to put through the next time you do them up..............

    to tuck them in would be very uncomfortable especially playing sport......

    I can see a market for this type of thing for those with poor fine motor skills.......my son was about 11 /12 before he had mastered the skill.....

    but I can't see where this would be an advantage over just fitting a pair of the elasticated laces tat triathletes fit in their running shoes.....

  • I can see some advantage to this product. i like the thought of cutting the laces too.

    Seren- if you have them tri laces they tend to flex too much for weak ankles (only heard this from others)


  • Jason.I have never bothered using mine as the 15 secs it take me to do my laces up doesn't bother meimage


    but if you cut the laces then how do you feed it through the next time

  • Yeah totaly image

    i suppose just trim them image

  • I suspect the laces will unravel without the aglets

  • It's bombed.  Earlier in the week there was a backer pot of £240, which has now dropped to £90.

  • Velcro, drawstrings, that funny disc Puma did, reebok pump ups.

    Theyve all been and gone (well im sure velcro is still around) simply because shoelaces arent a problem (for the average person anyway)

  • the answer to your question seren is - you don't. Like many triathletes OH and I use lace-locks, when you thread the laces through the first time you judge how much of the laces you need to be able to shove your feet into the shoes, and cut the laces accordingly. When you have your feet in the shoes you  just pull on the bits of laces that are threaded through the little retainer, takes less than10 secs to get the shoes on and tightened. You never pull the laces all the way out when you remove the shoes, just loosen them enough to get your feet out. Another tip when first threading is to singe the ends with a match, they then slide through the little widget very easily. They've been on the market for at least 15 years and cost little.

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