I finally beat the Iliotibial band!!

Hey all I have been thru the worst 7 weeks of my life running wise and i'm finally on the road to recovery I wanted to share how I did it. I know there are so many posts on here about how to get better, different stretches and theories etc. believe me I have read them all. i first got the pain on a park run 7 weeks ago it was just a niggling pain on the side of my knee which was bearable and easy to run through. I then went off to do a hilly 8 miles and had to stop about 5 miles in as the pain in my knee was so bad, when i stopped runnng the pain went away and after walking a while i was able to run again for a bit. The next day I had a 17 mile run which I only made 1 mile before the pain was so bad i had to stop. I was two weeks off sunderland marathon and had being training hard, I read up on stretches and thought I would be fine in a few days..... Wrong tried another run a few days later same thing again pain after a mile. I booked in with a sports physio for a deep tissure massage which to be honest didnt' do anything. I went to sunderland and limped round 16 miles before dropping out the pain was too bad image the most devestating was that I was on for 3:20 post injury and the girl who won it, did it in 3:20!!! how depressing. I then took a week off did lots of foam rolling, stretching yoga etc. tried another run and was able to get 5 miles before the pain started, happy with that I supidly thought i was better and continued the training i was doing pre injury, i wasn't cured and then next night I only got 3 miles before the pain came back and it was intense. The problem is I kept running on the pain and everytime i did I was making myself worse! I spent a fortune on sports physio and I spent my days at work trawling the internet for cures and other peoples stories. I went to the gym and was able to cross train and bike to keep fit. but again I continued to test my knee every few days. this just went on and on and my knee was so painful even when not runing now, stretching my quads out just caused intense knee pain. Anyway to cut a long story short, I tried physio, a pat strap, lots and lots of yoga, all the usual anti inflams iburprofen and declafenic, I used the foam roller daily which defo does help. In the end this is what actually worked and healed me (and in only a few days i may add) I know his cured me fast because on monday I tried a run, 3 miles and the pain kicked in I walked home crying my eyes out I really had had enough!! I thought I was never going to kick this thing. On the tuesday I read another article I had not seen cant remember where it was now but the lady advised butt crunches, sitting at your desk and squeezing your but together and holding. I began doing this all day long on tuesday, I had also read about Turmeric tablets been great as they were a natural anti inflam, I bought some of these on the tuesday also and began taking them, I took 3 a day of the 400 ones even though it was recommended 2 a day............................... I kid you not by thursday I was jumping out of bed in the morn with not a hint of pain in my knee!!! The Turmeric must have worked!! walking around during the day was soooo different no pain whatsoever!! I spent all day thurs doing the butt crunches at work along with all the other band stretches etc. I went out thursday night and ran 3 miles pain free and with not even a niggle that pain was going to come! the strange thing is because I had been working my butt muscles so hard when i set off running it pushed me up on my forefoot! this felt really strange but I went with it, it hurt my calves but I felt like I was flying!! the run was so easy my legs just seemed to swing from my but muscles! I ran 5 k in 23 minutes which was great after all the time off image i continued with


  • Sorry it cut me off early.  Basically to quickly sum up I then ran park run on sat on my toes/forefoot again and got a great time of 20:45 coming first lady only a minute above my pb, again pain free with no niggles. I then ran 5 miles on sunday same again no pain or niggles. (I always knew the pain was coming on the other runs i could feel it pulling and niggling) so so happy!! image basically I think was has cured my band syndrome is this Turmeric Tumeric Tumeric! it got rid of all the pain and swelling from my knee so so fast. Forefoot running has made me feel stronger and faster and Butt Crunches image hope this has helped.

  • No nick the point was, none of that worked, the only thing that did work was the Tumeric and the forefoot running. I'm just trying to save others from going thru the 7 weeks of hell i went thru. image

  • Where did you buy the turmeric?

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    ColRob123 wrote (see)

    Where did you buy the turmeric?

    Quizzical?............. or cynical?  image

    On this one, I vote "genuine"!  But I think it's jumping to BIG conclusions that it was the turmeric wot dun it.   Lots of different stretches, strengthening exercises, 7 weeks of comparative rest, and a change in running form...  are likely to have had the major influence.  But, you never know!

  • I bought the Turmeric from Holland & Barrat. But the knee pain was worse than ever on my run on the Monday night, so the 7 weeks of everything I had done had done nothing, by Thursdaywhich was 3 full days of Turmeric and butt crunches I ran better than ever albeit 3 miles pain free but not even with the niggle that the pain was coming. then again on the sat then again on the Mon. The inflammation in my knee just wasnt shifting but the pills cleared it up in 2 days. I'm over the moon and there is so many other good stuff that Turmeric does for you its a win win if you ask me. image

  • Seems like a big jump to pin this all on tumeric (other anti inflamatiries are available image). Getting rid of the inflamation is one thing, stretching is another, but to get out of the cycle needs strengthening of the parts that don't function 100%. I would wager that you have strengthened your glute medius, and this was the most important part of recovery. Without it you woud go back to being an ITBS club member

  • It does seem like a big jump! it was a big jump to get the injury in the first place Ive been running for nearly 20 years this was my second marathon, then wham suddenly I have weak hips! ...... i'm not sure that was the reason. I think the reason was going from neutral shoes to a supported after having gait analysis I had run about 90 miles in them before the pain started, but went right back to neutral. my hips are fine getting the inflammation down in the knee was the hard part and the Turmeric did the trick, believe it or not it worked for me so i'm happy. if it can work for anyone else too then thats great, I know how awful it is now to be off running with an injury.

    Looking forward to my run tonight yay! image

  • ITBS is multifactorial. Known triggers are:

    Poor biomechanics - you changed your running style.

    Weak glutes - you strengthened the imbalance. Glute medius is often the culprit in runners.

    ITBS presents as inflammation - reduce inflammation by rest (cross training) and meds (traditional or otherwise) and the pain will go away. 

    Glad you're back to running though and thanks for sharing your experiences image

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