Energy Bars

i've just started training for next years FLM and am reading lots about energy bars (carbo and protein).
Are these really worthwhile or are they over hyped.
Any advice would be gratefully recieved


  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    I use them before long runs (if I remember the type I'll tell you on Monday) as well as a carbo drink. A lot of it may be psychological but if it costs an extra quid or 2 to be able to run an extra 5 miles and therefore get fitter & stuff then I'm OK with that. Also used a couple of energy gels on runs & honestly believe that the combination of these helped me on a marathon I did a fortnight ago. Didn't hit the wall or feel that bad afterwards (or at all in the next couple of days). Before using these carbo products, I felt terrible after some long runs so will continue to use them for anything longer than a 1/2m.
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