Coniston Marathon 2013

Hi, I'm planning on running the Coniston marathon in July, this will be my first trail marathon and I'm worried about how hard it'll be compared to a flat road marathon. Does anyone have any idea how hilly the course is and what the terrain is like?


  • I'm doing this as my 2nd marathon and first trail marathon. I'm worried about the total assent for the race.... does anyone know the total assent. I've put my self in for the 9 am start... and on the flat can meet the cut off times... but with the hills thrown in?!?!?!?! I'm not sure image

  • Its very hilly, and in a few places the terrain is quite rough, particularly if you are not used to off road running. However, the views are stunning!

    Add 1.5 to 2hrs on to your road marathon time depending how well you cope with hills!!!

    Good luck!

  • I'm doing the half marathon and I'm worried about the hills - does anyone have a route profile with the total ascent in detail? or a GPS file of the route?

    There is a graph on the map on the website but it's for the marathon and doesn't give the total ascent stats.

    Are there any really boggy or wet bits? I'm not sure if it's trail or fell shoes route.

    I'm hoping for a cool dry day but it'll probably be wet and cold as it's July 

  • I've plugged the route into walkjogrun and it's given me a total ascent of 431 mtrs... though don't know how accurate this is... image

  • Looking at activities posted on garmin last year the runners of the coniston marathon averaged around 2,600ft climb. image

  • Damn image

    Much prefer 431 meters image

  • Well I can honestly say the Lakeland Trails Coniston Marathon is the hardest run I've ever done, don't know whether it was the searing heat, endless climbs or the rugged terrain, but that was really hard 4.38:22 which is 45mins slower than my last marathon. Absolute best part was the dip in the lake afterwards.

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